Why foreigners prefer Ukrainian girls for marriage?

Ukrainian woman

Why our girls are so popular among foreigners? Why foreigners invest in the introduction of money, time and energy? Is the West is out of women? There are also many Russian and Ukrainian women who work as nannies and clean apartment. They are much easier to meet at the dating site and to find a common language. Any would be happy to arrange his life and settle in the country legally. But, for some reason, the wait staff does not attract men. 


The beauty of our women 

At the site of marriage agency man chooses a girl like in the store. A man imagine how he would go out with her to the street and show to his friends. 

In our history there was no a witch-hunt. Beautiful women were not accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake. We have a good gene pool. Ukrainian women now looking after themselves and keeping in shape. Our woman are beautiful by nature. In the fight for male attention they still will not spare money for the salon.

beauty of Ukrainian women


Education of our women 

We really educated and fully developed. Many end up music or art schools. The secondary education is compulsory in Ukraine. Many have at least one higher education or more. In Western countries, a man with secondary education can not rely on a woman with two higher. And for us, the level of development of the male foreigner opens only after long-term association. Yes, learning a foreign language falls on our shoulders. Rare male foreigner teaches Russian to communicate with his Ukrainian wife. 

Education of Ukrainian women

Family: this is most important for women 

Women in our country since childhood educate as future wives. The girl should as soon as possible to get married. Lonely woman after 30 is loser. And in small towns is still considered that at the 25 years old you can only marry a widower. This psychology yet incurable. In developed countries women are not in a hurry to get married. Education, career are at the first place, and then the family and children. And our women are not feminists and want a family. 


Big age difference 

The opportunity to meet a woman much younger than himself. For our women from the province male foreigners (even 25 years older) look attractive. 

The Frenchman, educated black man (53 years old, 168 height), asked me to find him a tall, slender blonde 30-35 years old with long straight hair. The additional data included mandatory knowledge of French and English, higher education, entrepreneurial nature and a desire to give him a mixed child. The question of why his high position in his country, he can not find a wife there, he said that in his country, he can not claim for a woman with such a difference in age. My girls with all of these advantages and give birth to a mixed child consonants, but not long-haired blonde had been rejected: 

"I have a dream. Why should I abandon it? On the Internet, there is a huge chances, and I will search until I find her. A mixed children are so beautiful." 


The man is not rich for compatriots 

Another reason for the search of a bride in Ukraine – a man not too provided for compatriots. But he hopes that for the Russian girl from the province will be satisfied with his income. Moreover, that the West is still widely believed about our abject poverty. My girlfriend sent a man $100, and wrote to him wish of finishing touches repairs in the apartment and buying a refrigerator. 


Dependence on the husband foreigner 

An important reason for the search of Ukrainian bride – her dependence. Compatriot can dictate their terms, she has a social status, job, her own apartment. And the foreigner-wife  has nothing. She is completely dependent. She does not have the money. She did not know the law or do not know the language and can not get a job. A man wants a woman all to himself. He decides how much money to give to her, what to do when she calls home. His home is always waiting for his beautiful wife. Man flatters his vanity. 

One girl married an American. He provided himself buys her clothes and food, sometimes they go to a restaurant. But he does not give her any cash and only once a month allows to call home. She can not send anything to her mother, can not meet with friends in a cafe because she had no money for a cup of coffee. And she can not get away from him, because there is no place, not good enough knows the language, there is no money for the trip etc. 

Patriotic Ukrainian girl

Man solves his problems by women 

Russian and Ukrainian women are loving and hardworking. They work and clean the house, and raise their children. Man advantageous to offer a woman's hand and heart and place of residence, and in return get a wife, a mistress, a house worker, cook and nanny to their children. In addition, it may obtain benefits. 

If a married woman would bear him a child, in the case of divorce, it will be his child. No one will leave the child to foreigner that does not work. 

Or, for example, a foreigner is going to our hinterland about his business. To save on the translator and combine business with pleasure, starts an affair with a foreigner educated Russian girl. In addition, free escort always pleasant! 

Do not let a use! Should not expect that a foreigner to marry you, after he will finish his book or would make a film about the villages Chernozem, negotiations with partners in Kamyshin etc. You are only wasting your time and emotions! 


The man has children 

We are unconcerned about other people's children with love and accept a man with children. There's a man with two children little chance to find a compatriot. In their eyes, he is a failure. Their women do not need other people's children and problems.


Man is no longer interesting for compatriots 

In America, it has become fashionable among women 40-50 years to meet guys 20-25 years. Young guys get the experience and the joy of communicating with women young and hot. A man 50 years for them no longer interesting, in spite of all their strengths and positive qualities. 


Instead of afterwords


What mistakes make people when decide to find a bride abroad?

Ukrainian women

  • Think that Europe or an America is the Heaven beyond the sky and there is another world of beauty devoid from hard toil, poverty and social problems. That is not true. Problems are everywhere. Good social standarts, prosperity and fulfillment of the obligations by Western courts, police, businessmen and other structures is not the manifestation of deep voluntary people ethics and culture, but the result of strict control and many years of democratical reforms. Forget about freedom in Europe and USA.
  • There are lots of money and I will be luxuriate there. The real examples from the story above can debunk that myth.
  • I can get a foreign prince easy at the dating site. Totally wrong. Everybody who are in that business notice that the majority of foreigners who look for an Ukrainian wife in Internet slightly speaking are not at the highest league of their society. They are mostly old, fat, unattractive, rather poor men with children. Sometimes there are some romantic souls who have heard about ideal and congenial Russian women and expect to find the girl of their dream. But these are a big prize. Young, handsome, rich and perspective men from West countries are having plenty of attention from compatriots.

Ukrainian woman


Foreign men:

  • I can find a real good wife and a interesting person. This is true, Ukraine is ful of kind and tender women who could be an ideal wives. But beware of fraudulent sites that only will extort money from you without any tangible result. You can find good girl at the dating site of international communication such as even Facebook or Interpals.
  • Ukrainian girls are stupid. Ukrainians themselves are one of the most intellectual people in the world by different international IQ tests. So our women not so simple 🙂 And to choose the barbie you should go to another place.
  • They are poor. Often that is true: the lucky abroad are trying to find really poor girls who will accepr almost anyone. But times are changinf and in Internet there are more and more girls who want just change a decoration. Who are bothered with their country. They are capricious and hard to communicate with.
  • I can find a babysitter, walking vacuum cleaner, cook and fuckimachine all-in-one. If you do really expect to find a slave, you can bitterly regret than. You can find an ideal wife only in a case of seeking for complete and equal to you personality who can expect on reciprocity in any question. You can count upon her sincerity, reliability and tenderness only if you can be the real friend and a good partner to her. Good luck!

Girl with plenty of housework


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  2. http://www.bestkievguide.com/why-on-earth-ukrainian-women-are-so-beautiful/The phenomenon of Ukrainian women beauty, either physical or spiritual, is still being discovered. Scientists all over the world rack their brains guessing the truth. While Ukrainian women still continue bearing the fame of the best wives ever.

    Because every day of her life a Ukrainian wife proves to be a trustful supporter to her husband, a wise counselor, a combat friend and an equal life partner.

  3. The phenomenon of Ukrainian women beauty, either physical or spiritual, is still being discovered. Scientists all over the world rack their brains guessing the truth. While Ukrainian women still continue bearing the fame of the best wives ever. http://www.bestkievguide.com/why-on-earth-ukrainian-women-are-so-beautiful/

    Because every day of her life a Ukrainian wife proves to be a trustful supporter to her husband, a wise counselor, a combat friend and an equal life partner.

  4. While a lot of western people consider Ukrainian Women to be among the most beautiful in the world, the other thing is that they also have beautiful characteristics that a lot of men desire. This is why a lot of men are looking for Ukrainian women instead.



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