Which banks operates in Crimea in 2014?

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Ther are so many speculations around Crimea that we couldn`t ignore the situation and tell about real decor at the peninsula.


Yes, it is obviously hard to change the registration from one country to another and now we can observe the difficult process of reintegration into Russian society, governmental, healthcare, finance, industry and other systems. In addition this process complicated by Ukraine which is convinced this is Ukrainian territory (temporarily occupied) but at the same time doing nothing to win back hearts and souls of Crimean citizens and just throwing a monkey wretch into Crimean life and doing other petty putrid things type of blocking drinking water, making real informational propaganda not to go to Crimea this summer for rest etc. Funny logic to make people back by doing jiggery-pokery to them. But we will now speak about serious things. And concretely about the banking sector which is one of the most important subjects nowadays.


We should notice that Ukrainian banking system is Ukrainian is experiencing big troubles and without external help we could not surpass such difficulties. Foreign banks are intensively withdrawing their capital from Ukraine and leaving Ukrainian market. Also Ukrainian banks refused to transfer their obligations and jurisdiction to Russian state and now we see the long process of leaving the Crimea by Ukrainian banks and their substitution by Russian ones. Next information I found at the Kreditochka site:


PrivatBank (assets on 01.01.2014: 214.5 billion. UAH.) 

queue to Privatbank in Crimea

PrivatBank blocked the accounts of all their Crimean customers, including on the mainland.

This means that the prescription of the peninsula residents (both depositors and borrowers) will not be able to get banking services in Privatbank even beyond the Crimea. That is, the bank now can neither return your deposit or pay the loan. 

All employees of the Crimean branch of the bank, who did not want to go to the mainland, on leave. 

It is remarkable that on Friday, April 25, at the Foundation's website to protect depositors (appointed by the Russian Deposit Insurance Agency) was reported, which suggests that the Central District Court of the Republic of Crimea has given him in trust all the property of the Crimean units Privat. Internet site of the court is under construction, and the bank does not accept his decision. 

According to the bank, its service network is the largest in Crimea. Prior to the annexation of the peninsula there worked: 2 branches, 337 branches, 483 ATMs, 773 self-service terminals, 11,270 POS-terminals. Privat served in the Crimea 790 thousand of Private and 12 thousand of Corporate clients. 

Oschadbank (assets: 103.6 billion. UAH.) 

All 296 bank branches in the Crimea continue to operate in the normal mode 

UkrEXIMBank (assets: 94,4 billion. UAH.) 

Bank branches in Simferopol and Sevastopol are working on a constant schedule 

Customer service and are making payments as usual. The Bank does not limit either physical or legal persons to access funds in the accounts and making payments. In particular, the bank does not impose restrictions on cash withdrawals at ATM network in the Crimea. POS-terminals of the bank on the peninsula are operating as usual, collection ATMs made ​​by the bank to the extent of physical possibility and necessity. 

Investors-physical persons Crimean branches and offices of the bank can get the money, not only in its branches in the Crimea and Sevastopol, but also in all the branches in Ukraine. 

Delta Bank (assets: 55,3 billion UAH.) 

Today, all bank branches operating in the normal mode 

"We have 8 offices in the Crimea. All employees at their workplaces. Customers are treated as before, "- according to the press service of the financial institution. The bank has branches in Kerch, Yalta, Simferopol, Sevastopol, Yalta and Feodosia. 

Raiffeisen Bank Aval (assets: 43.5 billion. UAH.) 

On April 15, all branches of the bank in the Crimea stopped working 

After closing the offices depositors may withdraw funds owed ​​on deposits at any bank branch in the other regions of Ukraine after the provisional application through the information center of the bank. 

Return of deposits is also carried out by supplying the depositor's written application for the transfer of funds to the depositor's account opened with another bank in the deposit currency. 

All payment cards issued by Raiffeisen Bank Aval, are valid until their expiry. 

UniCredit Bank (Urksotsbank) (assets: 43 billion. UAH.) 

On April 15, the bank has suspended work in the Crimea 

"At the moment the trading terminals of the bank in the Crimea work, but in the near future we will be forced to shut down the network. ATMs do not work in Crimea ", – said the press service. 

April 17 the bank terminated the contract of deposit Crimean customers. All funds, including the amount of the deposit and interest, were transferred to the current, including card accounts. Customers of the bank from the Crimea can use their funds anywhere in the mainland of Ukraine. Customers who do not have the card can get your deposit through a special U-card, which can be obtained instantly by visiting any office in mainland Ukraine. In addition, there remains the possibility of the transfer of funds through internet banking. 

All payment cards issued by UniCredit Bank, will be valid until their expiry. Re-issuance of cards made ​​by contacting the contact center. Delivery of bank cards available at any bank branch in the other regions. 

According to the existing current customer cards from the Crimea, the following limits on the territory of Ukraine: 
– Cash withdrawals, regardless of the ATM – 1000 UAH. / Day 
– Cashless payments in the retail network – 5000 UAH. / Day 
– Cashless transfers between payment cards UniCredit Bank – 5000 UAH. / Day 
– Cashless transfer through a network of ATMs / kiosks / sms banking system; between payment cards in national currency for payment cards of foreign banks – 5000 UAH. / day. 

– See more at: http://www.kredito4ka.net/2014/06/05/kakie-banki-rabotayut-v-krymu-v-2014-godu.html#sthash.PuU4H24u.dpuf 

Borrowers are not exempt from the performance of its obligations to the bank in accordance with the terms of the loan agreements. Customers can make debt payments in all UniCredit Bank branches in other regions of Ukraine. 

You can also repay their loans in the offices of the Ukrainian banks that operate in the Crimea, in particular: 

• Subsidiary Bank Sberbank of Russia; 
• VTB Bank; 
• Black Sea Bank for Reconstruction and Development; 
• Offshore Bank; 
• Ukrainian Development Bank. 

Also, customers are able to pay for loans in the offices of Russian banks operating in the Crimea and Crimean branches of banks operating in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. 

Prominvestbank (assets: 39700000000. UAH.) 

The Bank continues to work in the Crimea in the normal mode under the laws of Ukraine 

Sberbank of Russia (Ukraine) (assets: $ 35 billion. UAH.) 

All 12 branches of the bank in the Crimea are operating normally 

The Bank carries out all operations in full. Offices are located in Sevastopol, Simferopol, Yalta, Feodosia, Alushta, Djankov, Evpatoria, Kerch. 

First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) (assets: 33.2 billion. UAH.) 

From 17 April, the bank stopped working in Crimea 

Crimean customers can continue to cooperate with the bank on the same terms in any of the offices on the mainland of Ukraine. 

Nadra (assets: 31.1 billion. UAH.) 

The Bank did not turn work on the peninsula 

Today in the Crimea in the normal mode, there are 18 bank branches. 

"As far as active operations – we continue to lend under the loan agreements already concluded," – assured the press-service financial institution. 

Alfa Bank (Ukraine) (assets: 29.3 billion. UAH.) 

From 17 April, the bank ceased operations in the Crimea 

"We reiterate our full satisfaction of its obligations to customers in accordance with the terms of contracts. Return time deposits will be made by transferring funds at the end of the deposit to the card / checking account, open to the deposit. In case of premature withdrawal of deposit, customers can apply to any branch in the territory of Ukraine after the provisional application (if the withdrawal amount is more than 2000 UAH.) Through the information center of the bank ", – explained in the press service of the bank. 

All payment cards issued by the Bank shall be valid until their expiry. 

In Crimea, Alfa-Bank (Ukraine) was represented by five departments. At the time of closing the general staff was 180 people. Today, it is the former employees of Alfa-Bank in Crimea employed in the Russian National Commercial Bank, which took office premises of Alfa-Bank (Ukraine). 

All Crimean bank borrowers can repay the loans with the help of remote service channels (Internet banking My Alfa-Bank, Terminals I-Box), or in the offices of other banks operating in the territory of Crimea. 

Finance and Credit Bank (assets: 25.7 billion. UAH.) 

The work of all branches of the bank Crimean suspended until May 25. Of the 25 branches of the Crimean nine were closed in April 

"ATMs are working normally. Recognize that the peninsula there are some difficulties with the timely completion of the ATM cash. No limits can be calculated via the bank's retail network, "- says the press-secretary Natalya Napadovskaya financial institutions. 

Employees of the Crimean branch of the bank, made ​​the decision to move to other regions of Ukraine, the opportunity to transfer to the bank branch in the regions where they are moving, maintaining position and salary. To transfer to a new job, simply contact the experts directorate staff in Kiev. Staff working in the closed offices, compensation in the amount of two salaries. 

At the time of the suspension of the bank's branches in the Crimea is offered to all borrowers repay credit debt through any other bank operating in the peninsula. 

VTB Bank (assets: 25.3 billion. UAH.) 

March 28 were closed 9 of 13 bank branches in the Crimea 

Now on the peninsula has 4 offices: Simferopol, Yalta, Yalta and Sevastopol. 

UkrSibbank of BNP Paribas Group (assets: 24.1 billion. UAH.) 

Since 14 April, the bank has suspended work on 18 of its branches in the Crimea. At the same time, in Sevastopol, Simferopol, Kerch, Yalta and Yalta continue to work on one branch of the bank 

Repayment of loans available for the Crimean customers in five offices UkrSibbank: 
– Kerch, st. Kozlov, 1, office №619; 
– Evpatoria Ave. Victory, 47, office №618; 
– Sevastopol, st. Lenina, 33, office №620; 
– Yalta, st. Moscow, 47, office №867; 
– Simferopol, etc.. Wins, 4, Department of №600. 

Get deposits, to use the funds in current accounts, etc. at a local №210, located in Nikolaev on the street. Admiral Makarov, 60-In. 

The entire spectrum of banking operations, including management of accounts, money transfers, deposit and other, still available to customers using Internet banking, as well as in the offices of Mykolaiv, Kherson, Zaporozhye and other cities of Ukraine. 

Some of the employees will continue to work in UkrSibbank in the Crimea, or may be employed in other regions of Ukraine. 

All obligations UkrSibbank, including payment cards, deposits, accounts and other services, are valid until the full implementation of treaty obligations. 

UGB (UkrGasBank) (assets: 23.8 billion. UAH.) 

On April 15, stopped working all 11 departments operating on the peninsula 

Network of bank branches operating in eight cities of the Crimea: Simferopol, Sevastopol, Kerch, Yalta, Evpatoria, Saki, Sudak and Krasnoperekopsk. 

VAB Bank (assets: 21 billion. UAH.) 

From April 15 to work with the bank in the Crimea suspended 

Any banking operations in the Crimea stopped. 

OTP Bank (assets: 18.7 billion. UAH.) 

Since April 18, the bank branch stopped servicing clients in the Crimea 

Prior to closing on the peninsula worked 8 offices: 4 – in Simferopol, 2 – in Sevastopol, 1 – in Yalta, 1 – in Kerch.



Conclusion can be optimistic but now we see a very difficul situation in the banking sector of Crimea. Вгу to Ukrainian banks suspend their work on peninsula there are two drastically different reactions. One part of people are happy of such events as they are free from paying their credits. I know a woman who take a credit of half a million hrivnas to buy an estate and now this money is her lucky gift. Even when Vladimir Putin while answering questions during online interview 17 April when was questioned: "I have a credit car. Ukrainian banks are gone. What I suppose to do?" answered: "Do nothing. Drive the car and bless you 🙂 If Ukrainian banks don`t want to take money from you, we can do nothing."

money, returning deposits, Ukrainian banks in Crimea, lucky credit

But there are a lot of people who had deposits, holdings or achieve wages through Ukrainian banking system. Such people really got to a bad situation and it needs time to fix the problem. Russian government already begin to return deposits to people instead of Ukrainian banks. But the limit of returning money is set on half a million roubles (near 170 thousanв hrivnas.) As for beginning of August overall sum of returning money in Crimea was 2.5 billion of Russian roubles.


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