Internet abilities and perspectives in Ukraine

Internet technologies and providers in Ukraine

Internet and the global web have already captured and enslaved the world. But it`s the one of the most useful "invader" in our modern life. The one can get anything he wants on the fly through the plain interface. Anyone can buy a food, earn money or even find a soulmate out there. the power of telecommunications can`t be underestimated. OK, I will not read you a lection about it all, just introduce some significant Internet providers you can take into account when conceive to wire the Internet into your apartment in Ukraine.

First of all I should note that here in Ukraine we only have two monopolists on the market: Ukrtelecom, Kyivstar. These corporations also provide mobile services but it described in another article. Rapid development of the Internet-market lead to appearing different local networks which begin to merge each other and were bought by new brands further. That`s how such providers as Volia (what translates like "Will" or "Freedom"), Triolan , Datagroup, Vega and so on. As I know all of these companies build their networks using Ukrtelecom`s magistrals and primary equipment to have access to WWW. But who cares.

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Also I must warn that it`s not profitable to build and support networks in little towns and cities so the providers are seeking for more populated locations to develop. For example there is a lot of competing providers in Kiev. Some noname companies and big players which have their equipment in every block of flats so all the lofts in such apartments are littered with that annoying equipment. On the one hand it`s a demonstration of rivalry but nobody thinks about average citizens. The most balanced situation is in the middle-populated cities such as Zaporozhye, Donetsk, Lvov, Nikolaev, Sumy. You can get a decent Internet there for a cheap and nobody will bother you with phone calls to hook up some new services and rivals won't steal the equipment of your provider or cut off your wire (there are cases, you know :)).


Yeah, a big bonus: speedy Internet in Ukraine is comparatively cheap. Comparatively with Russia and CIS (where are problems with network development). As I know, in Europe and USA there are low prices on broadband speedy Internet. Of course it is explained by network market saturation and network development completeness. Nobody spend money in building of something new, it is just to maintain what exists left. Here in Ukraine you can confidently expect up to 100 MBit/sec Internet for 10€ (12$).


So we got to numbers so fluently. OK, let`s take a look on some bold statistics. Consulting Group E & C and Forbes summed up the first half of 2013 the market of fixed Internet access. Over the past six months, the market grew by 3.7% – to 7.06 million subscribers. A year ago, he grew a little faster – plus 6.9% in January-June of 2012 (year to year ) .

Ten of the largest providers continues to break away from the pursuers : in the first half they grew almost twice as fast as the market – by 5.8%. All representatives of the top 10 managed to increase the number of connections . Gainers – "Kyivstar" (12.5%) , "Frigate" (11.7%) and " Tenet " ( 10.4%). Least increased subscriber base " Triolana " – by 0.8%. Furthermore we can state the fact of rapidly growing market of fixed internet here in Ukraine. As of summer 2013 Internet penetration amount nearly 50%. Comparing to Europe with 70% penetration Ukraine has the growth perspective.


The most significant players on the fixed Internet market as of ending 2013 (number of users)

Provider for early 2013 ending of 2013
1 «Ukrtelecom» 1 541 000 1 606 000
2 «Kyivstar» 629 300 709 900
3 «Volia» 534 300 550 000
4 «Triolan»* 211 300 213 000
5 «Datagroup» 170 000 174 000
6 «Vega» 150 000 152 700
7 «Tenet» 108 200 119 800
8 «Fregat SP» 98 600 110 400
9 «Freenet» 85 000 90 900
10 «Lanet» 76 000 85 000


This table tells us not a lot about the situation. And even the "good image" and lots of advertising/promotion cannot guarantee the convenient service. Only personal experience of different people can fill up the puzzle.


So. As for me I`m Triolan client and after constantly-bugging dial-up and later VPN-type of connection Triolan was my first broadband Internet and it was the seventh heaven to me. The payment is stable – 100 UAH/month. Additionally I receive a cable-TV pack but I don`t watch it. And for all this time from 2007 when I connected there were just a few serious problems. Generally it relates to cable or switch break. Competitors are not asleep 🙂


I`m faithful client and not going to change provider but if I do it would be Kyivstar. Like I said, it is mobile operator too and it makes some cool trick: payment for Internet goes on your mobile bonus-account. Very comfortable for those who use Kyivstar as a mobile operator. I`m not the one.


It was a big controversy with "Volia" within my recollection. This provider might у the leader by collecting complaints and bad reviews. It became impossible to discontinue their cable-TV service. Even after my request to disconnect me they were still send me the bills. It`s unbelievable but only ignoring helped me to forget about this cowboy office.


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