Right Sector


So the "Right sector" already existed before December, 1. But how does it appear? It`s not a hard question. At the same time with beginning of first pro-European protests, a couple of different nationalist` organizations as Trident of Stepan Bandera led by known Dmytri Yarosh, Patriots of Ukraine (by the way from my native Kharkov) led by Andrey Beletsky, UNA-UNSO under the leadership of also well known Olexandr Muzychko , White Hammer and fan organizations of some Ukrainian football clubs as Metalist Kharkiv, Dnipro Dnepropetrovsk, Dynamo Kiev, Karpaty Lviv and possibly other decided to unite their powers to represent force-wing of Euromaidan. "Right" because of far-right political ideology and "sector" – part of football stadium. Exactly by them or by people approximate to them were realized all provocations and bloody actions throughout the 3-month-long Euromaidan saga.


If you will see the English sites of these organizations, you`ll merely see how good this parties are financed. And it`s when they almost have no real support in society. Where do they earn money? How did they communicate with each other and consolidated so quickly in "right sector" as they couldn't find the common speech for decades? Hmmm… interesting questions without univocal answers. Apparently they are financed by someone very influential. Maybe even government. Maybe even of some country that wishes Ukraine exceptionally good… Most of this organizations appeared or reconstructed in 2005, first year of Yuschenko`s regiment. Democracy penetrated our country.


one of the Right`s Sector parts
Author of the photo is Olena Bilozerska (c) She will repeatedly appear in our articles with her footage (Donbass war etc.)


This photo was made in the later November on Maidan. Boys with fascias of "Patriots of Ukraine".

"At St. Michael's Square is formed self-defense groups" – were the main titles of most Ukrainian TV, Internet, radio and other news. These "self-defense groups" were preimage for prospective "samooborona Maidana (Maidan` self-defense)", which henceforth was commanded by Andriy Parubiy.


There is one more interesting moment. One of commanders on Maidan during actions of December, 1 was Oleg Odnorozhenko – ideologist of Patriot of Ukraine and former chief of Kharkovan cell of Svoboda party. He was under investigation for hooliganism in 2 episodes and he should  continuous jail time but he was freed by bail of… deputy Andriy Parubiy.

Oleg Odnorozhenko in propria persona after his release

I think it`s enough information to understand what is "Right sector". So we can find out their implication to Maidan protests.


First of December was planned as an end of "first phase" of Euromaidan. But because of this action, people begin to gather a new wave of social protests. But of course there was no ending of first phase. Protests become a mutiny on December,  1-st.


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