National composition of Ukraine

Belarusians are the third numerous national minority in Ukraine

Peculiarity of the national composition of the population of Ukraine is its multinationality. According to the сensus, the country inhabited by representatives of more than 130 nationalities. The national composition of the population of Ukraine majority of Ukrainians, about 78% of the total population. 


Ukrainians took first place in number in all regions, except for two: the city of Sevastopol and the Crimea, where the first place took Russians. But now, as you all know, Crimea is came back to Russia, so the parity is restored.

Second place in most regions is Russian, except four. So, in Sevastopol and Crimea – is the Ukrainians; Transcarpathian region on second place after Ukrainians occupy Hungarians (hereinafter followed by Romanians, and on the fourth, Russian), and in the Chernivtsi region second is Romanian (hereinafter Moldovans and in fourth place, Russian).

 Russians, national minority in Ukraine
Most of the first largest minority – Russians (of 8 334,1 thous. Ukraine as a whole) live in the south-eastern regions of the country. Russian constitute the largest number in the Donetsk region (1,844.4 thousand), the Crimean Autonomous Republic (1 180.4 thousand), Luhansk region (991.8 thousand), Kharkiv region (724.0 thousand), Dnipropetrovsk region (627 , 5 thousand), Odessa region (508.5 thousand), etc.

Belarusians are the third numerous national minority in Ukraine
Second largest minority of the country are Belarusians (275.8 thousand) – the largest number are in regions in the east: the Donetsk region (44.5 thousand), Dnipropetrovsk region (29.5 million), the Crimean Autonomous Republic (29 , 3 thousand), Luhansk region (20.6 thousand) and in Kiev (16.5 thousand), etc.

 National minorities in Ukraine
The third largest national minority – Moldovans (258.6 ths) – resides in the majority (74%) in two southwestern regions border with Moldova (and, in fact, Transnistria), and Romania: in Odessa (123, 8 thousand) and Chernivtsi regions (67.2 ths). Has a large diaspora in the Mykolaiv region (13.2 ths) and other.

Most of the fourth-largest national minority – the Crimean Tatars (98% of 248.2 thous. Ukraine as a whole) – live in the Crimean Autonomous Republic (243.4 thousand), as well as in the neighboring north Kherson region (2, 1 thousand) and separate the city of Sevastopol in the Crimea (1.9 ths). 

national composition of Ukraine
Most of the fifth-largest national minority are the Bulgarians (74% of 204.6 thous.) – Live in the Odessa region (150.7 thousand). Large diaspora are also available in the Zaporozhye region (20.8 ths), Mykolaiv region (5.6 ths) and other.

Hungarians in Ukrainian national composition
Hungarians make up the 6th largest national minority (156.6 thous.), Live mainly in the Transcarpathian region (151.5 thousand – 96.7%), with nearly 85% – in the so-called. "Hungarian compact" formed Beregovskikh, Vinogradovsky, Mukachevo and Uzhgorod district.

Most of the seventh-largest national minority – the Romanians (97% of 151.0 thous.) – Live in two border regions with Romania: in Chernivtsi (114.6 thousand) and Transcarpathian regions (32.2 million). 

Polish national dressing
Eighth largest national minority, Poles (144.1 thous.), Lives in a predominantly (66%) in the four western areas – Zhitomir (49.0 thousand – 34%), Khmelnytsky (23.0 thousand – 16 %), Lviv (18.9 thousand – 13%) and Ternopil (3.8 thousand – 3%). While the Poles had time to mix with other ethnic groups is not compact – the density of settlement in four specified areas ranges from 0.3% to 3.5%. But many of ethnic poles are assimilated into Ukrainians.

The highest proportion of Russians in the Crimea, Luhansk, Donetsk, Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhya regions. They live mainly in the cities and towns. Together with Russians Ukrainians constitute the bulk of the population in most areas. The areas adjacent to other countries, inhabited by peoples of these countries. So, Moldovans live mostly in Odessa and Chernivtsi regions, Slovak and Hungarians live in the Transcarpathian, Romanians in Chernivtsi region. Bulgarians live in Donetsk (Sea of ​​Azov) and Odessa regions, the Greeks – in the Donetsk and Chernihiv regions, Gagauz – in the Odessa region, Karaites – in Crimea, Poles – in the western, Zhitomir, Kiev, Donetsk regions. Belarusians are majority in villages of Polessie. Especially multinational composition of the population is of big cities and major industrial areas, due to the migration of them specialists in various branches of the economy of all the former Soviet republics. 


Since gaining independence of Ukraine there is a problem of creating a group of Ukrainian nation of representatives of all nationalities living in the state. 


So what?

In any country, even with strongly predominant majority of a certain nationality it is possible to ignite conflict based on ethnic affiliation. Since Ukrainian history contains precedents of such conflicts, with properly constructed tactics of propaganda it is quite easy to divide the territory of Ukraine into two or more warring camps. What we can see here and now. So the question not in national indentity: we have rather mono-ethnic country. Because such minorities as Belorusians and Russians can be easily and softly assimilated as these nations are too close to Ukrainians. If we had good developed country with minimum problems and guaranteed social standarts, it would be too hard to provoke conflict in such country. So it`s other problems on the agenda right now. Maybe it`s historical contradictions, lack of education and low cultural level of people, other not so evident reasons. We`ll try to explore in other articles.


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