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Telecommunications in Ukraine

If you gonna go to Ukraine at an early date one of the most palpitating questions of yours (besides "how can I get to it?", "where would I live?" and "where is the nearest monument to Taras Shevchenko?") will be "how things are with communication there going and how much will it cost to call home?" In the next few minutes you will deeper inside to Ukrainian telecommunication market and some valuable principles it is based on.


It is no secret that Ukraine is comparatively young state. All modern kinds of fixed telephony lines such as public switched telephone network (PSTN) for example were developed at the time of Soviet Union and now belong to part-governmental part-capitalized public company "Ukrtelecom" which was bought by Cypriot company for 1 billion euros approximately. This is how cheap Telecommunications Network of Ukraine really are. So what you`ll get on practice when you gonna call from Ukraine to Eurozone or States or wherever by the world.


On the table below you can see an official tariffing of outgoing calls from Ukraine to different countries.

Tariff zones


 8.00 – 18.00

18.00 (6 p.m.) – 8.00 a.m.,
saturday, sunday and holidays – whole day

International telephone calls and fax with foreign countries which deliver upon request

The payment amount for each full minute


Eastern Europe




Central, North and West Europe, Central and East Asia, Near East, Africa, South and Central America, Australia, Oceania




North America




Foreign states not included to 1-3 pp.




Mobile operators of all states except East European




East Europe mobile operators



As you can see all the tariffs are quite normal and there is not big price range. So let`s take a look what`s happening at mobile telecommunications` market?

Once upon a time at the early 2000`s mobile network was extremely expensive and the one was paying literally for everything. You call – you pay a lot, somebody`s calling you and the money drags away from your account too. Even if your phone just peacefully laying on the table you must pay the monthly or daily fee 🙂 Every operator was on the way of active development, tariff plans were changing quite often and the connection was really crappy. That`s why most of people started their relationship with mobile telecommunications later and very cautiously.

But now we have completely developed modern mobile network covering almost every nook of this country including different useful services and very democratic price. That`s honestly speaking.

National operators

mobile network in ukraine

At the present time integration of mobile communications into Ukrainian society reaches 130% which are 59 million people. Currently we have three big mobile operators dividing the mobile market in Ukraine: MTS, Kyivstar and Life:)


MTS is Russian company and now represents a former Ukrainian provider UMC which was incorporated by Russians in 2007.

Kyivstar is the leader of national mobile and more recently Internet-providing market. It`s the oldest player on the market and the most prestigious one. Has the best quality of providing mobile services what can be delivered by the most completed and compact network in Ukraine. Also has a filial company "Djuice" and not so long time ago "Beeline" -operator was merged by Kyivstar too.

Life:) is the operator which positioning itself like the most "youth-oriented" and liberal one. It has s lot of tariffing plans for every taste and type of mobile phone (a big amount of people in this country using an old backward black-and-white dialers so they don`t need the fancy mobile services). At the other hand this operator has the most clear and reliable tariffing plans as for me. Also it`s the most rapidly developing company at the telecommunication sector.


Of you want to call by mobile from Ukraine with your mobile operator you`ve got to clarify the roaming-cost. But it would be not so profitably as buy a mobile sim-card here in Ukraine and use services of home-operator. Thankfully anyone can buy a sim-card in this country without passport or any other documents. Tariffs you can see at the respective mobile-operator on the English version of the site.


What`s gonna change to the mobile network in Ukraine?

 A big changes are declared with Ukrainian intention to associate with European Union. European standards and requirements are little bit differ from settled Ukrainian rules. Here is the few of European terms for Ukraine to complete on mobile market:


  • The state must take analysis of the market and reveal the Significant Market Power (SMP) – the most valuable players on the screen. The regulator gas already set a single rate of access to the Network to SMP-players so none of them could not create artificial barriers for incoming calls to enrich the expense of the traffic of competitors. After these legislative changes uncompromising litigation between the players is over.


  • Universal service. This is one of the major telecommunication terms in the dictionary of the EC Treaty. Every country has the right to define a set of communication services that are social. Access to them at the same conditions should be have all Ukrainians regardless of where they are located. Our country already has a similar package. Not only in mobile telephony but both in TV and Internet.


  • Each national license for mobile telephony, international and long distance calls costing 9,000,000 UAH and its extension is 30% of this amount. Each year the roperator can allocate large sums in the budget. The budget for 2013 brought more than 60 million UAH on the licensing of broadcasters and service providers. But most of all the state earns from a of radio frequencies use and this is approximately 900 million UAH per year.


  • Another portion of possible restrictions on the SMP-players is to give competitors access to their infrastructure up to the end-user's lines. This will allow new participants to progress faster on a ready infrastructure and do not duplicate it.


In addition, this rule would give the green light to virtual operators without their own network but providing services using their marketing. But now it`s only a declarations which have no real power. Europe insists Ukraine not to earn money on paper. But they actually do it themselves. German operators spend 51 million Euros for 3G/4G licensees in 2011 and most of them got bankrupted.


So what we have as a result?

In a sum we have a very good situation for people with mobile communications because of cheap tariffs and decent level of mobile services. Yes, we haven`t got a 3g/4g interfaces for instant access to different social accounts or videocalls but it`s not necessary with a fast Internet and a lot of free Wi-Fi access points. You wouldn`t even need to call home from mobile, you could do it via Skype. But read about this in the next article.


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