Malaysia MH17 crash and investigation

malaysia, airlines, crash, airstrike, separatists, terrorists, russia, shotdown, ukraine, donetsk, investigation, netherlands, australia, investigation, provocation, usa

malaysia, airlines, crash, airstrike, separatists, terrorists, russia, shotdown, ukraine, donetsk, investigation, netherlands, australia, investigation, provocation, usa

Horrible tragedy of crashing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (MH17/MAS17) I must consider as a part of pro-Russian unrest in Ukraine or Civil war for Novorossia independence (whatever who likes) because nobody deny that without military conflict there wouldn`t happened such terrifying disaster. And we will try to understand what happened and what is this situation can lead to.


First of all, before we will puzzle out the details of this tragedy and try to find out guilties and those who can take benefit from all this, I want to present my sincerest condolences to Netherlands, Australia and Malaysia, countries who suffered mostly from this incident. I do really have very big sympathy to Australia and Netherlands and consider them among best countries in the world. So I grieve with Malaysia, island country which has Malaysia Airlines as one of the biggest achievements and big proud to whole country. And had been suffered such a disaster for second time this year. That`s real shock.


But one interesting detail before we start. When everyday in my neighbour cities of Lugansk and Donetsk people dying everyday, nobody in Kiev or other cities of Ukraine and abroad mourn and worry about them. But after the MH17 crash hundreds of people all over Ukraine have been bringing flowers to Dutch embassies and blame Russia and separatists for this action. As if they know for sure.


Real facts


So, what do we really know about the obstacles of this tragedy? I mean real and undisputed information and not some guesses or conspirology.


  1. Flight 17 was operated with a Boeing 777-2H6ER, serial number 28411, registration 9M-MRD. The 84th Boeing 777 produced, it first flew on 17 July 1997, exactly 17 years before the incident, and was delivered new to Malaysia Airlines on 29 July 1997. Powered by two Rolls-Royce Trent 892 engines and carrying up to 282 passengers (35 business and 247 economy), The aircraft had recorded 75,322 hours in 11,434 cycles before the crash. Last check of serviceability was made 11 July 2014 (six days before catastrophe). That day the aircraft was full and carried 15 men of staff;
  2. Dispatcher. As we can see from the video of Anatoliy Shariy and many other journalists and bloggers who noted the deviation of flight course, the trajectory was really strange.



    on this video we can see the flight courses few days before and see that it was changed 17 July. Why? As we learn from graph the deviation begins at the Poland. Experts say this is normal situation when planes slightly change their trajectory. Details could be learnt from the record of conversation between Ukrainian dispatchers and pilots but Ukrainian government deliberately delay or afraid to reveal such useful information. And another interesting fact: at the same resource, "" the very same routes of MH17 from 15 and 16 July and earlier are changed like they always fly above Donetsk. That is strange…

    Flight mh17 on 16 July reconstructed

  3. Separatists. Everybody wondering "Do separatists have weapon to shotdown the aircraft?" The question is very complicated. Everyone would agree that in the area of hostilities may happen anything and there is not much who can control or document it. So teoretically separatists can have such weapon as BUK M-1. But the most interesting is they don`t need that system. At the flight level of 10 km (33K feet) there is no potential threat to military forces of DPR and LPR and this altitude until 17 July was full of civil passanger flights so it was big risk of hitting innocent people. And, I repeat, Ukrainian Air Force does not have bombers able to fly higher than 7 km (Su-25). Jetfighters like Mig-29 and Su-27 don`t strike on-land targets and therefore not dangerous as armies of DPR and LPR don`t have Air force. In addition, before MH-17 crash  there was no accident with possible separatists` Buk missile system, i.e. if they really shot down this plane, they most have been prepared for this beforehand and special for this passenger aircraft. It means they really should be wanting to make such bloody provocation, as not before not after they didn`t have any Buk system and uses SAM man-portable 9k38 Igla as maximum to hit the targets up to 5 km altitude. You must agree, this is out of any logic.

  4. Ukrainian Army. Everybody knows that Ukainian Army has enough and more instruments to shotdown that plane. Also Russian military experts on the conference of Ministry of Defence from 21 July said that Ukraine has a couple of Buk systems in the zone of aircraft flight. Also they recorded activity of American satellite which should trace the missile hitted into the Boeing. But official Washington is silent about this fact. Ukrainian version is that Russian Army deliver Buk M-1 to separatists one day before disaster, it had been located near Snezhnoe, shotdown the aircraft and surrepticiously went back to Russia. Ukrainian side substantiate this by photos shared on the main site of Security Service of Ukraine. But journalist Anatoliy Shariy proved that this so called "separatist`s Buk" is Ukrainian Buk indeed, which was located and filmed in Donetsk oblast near Yasinovataya back in March. Lol. No comments.

  5. Russian Army could shot the aircraft. No, it`s drivel.


The situation is "strange" for those who wants to receive it such way. For logic-operated people from the slight glance on the situation become clear that Ukraine and America to say the least "hiding some details". And there are plenty proves to it: Malaysian representatives were kept in Kiev for 3 days spoken that "there are cruel terrorists which will kill you if you come to Donetsk". It is while Prime-minister of DPR, Alexander Borodai invited every international commisions for investigations and to take away the bodies. When Malaysian delegation dared to go to Donetsk they witnessed how Ukrainian bomber striked a road near the place of crash site. But none of Western media mentioned about this fact.


Who was interested?


But all of this is nothing. Agree that it is no matter who executed the Malaysian aircraft. Even if it is Ukrainian Air Force or separatists, no difference. Our goal is not to blame somebody and just know the truth and reestablish the fairness. But somebody wants us to think another way and seeking the personal guilt to blame Russia in such bloody action and claim DPR and LPR terrorists. It could sound like sensation but the guilties are already known. And they are Ukrainian government and Ukrainian State Air Traffic Services Enerprise (Ukraeroruch). These guys must control the air space of Ukraine and DO EVERYTHING to deliver maximum security of aircraft. If they didn`t control the sky above Donetsk, they should AVOID it! What the heck, I`m sorry, they deliberately SEND the plane to the hostility zone? Where the recordings of dialogues between dispatchers and pilots, where`s the explanation from Ukraeroruch employees about the situation? Hello, guys, there were 300 people on board and you pretend to be nothing happened. And where is f**ing democracy and international society, why it doesn`t push on Ukrainian government and not finding out what happened in service of flight management? I think, this is the main link of the chain.


But if we calm down a little bit, we`ll see an interesting picture. I deeply convinced this bloody event is a big shift in the opposition between West and Russia. Now Europe must be completely involved into the conflict but it`s not in ineterest not of Russia, nor of Europe, non of Ukraine. I think bg brother from across the ocean wants to see big blood in Europe once again. And the crash of MH17 is big starting point of new countdown. If Ukraine by American suggestion shotdown the aircraft and this provocation blaming Russian and separatists in all sins, this is the powerful reason to launch sanctions against Russia and to make colossal pressure on Russian government and convince other countries to join. If no and investigation proves it Ukrainian fault, this situation will vow as MISTAKE and reconcile an unpleasant matter quietly. It`s a lot of justification can be for Ukrainian side (military aggression, mistaken airstrike, all manner of failures, military exercises, whatever) and until Ukrainian government is strongly shielded by USA, it can justify any military crimes. And now I`m telling not about conspiracy and just about the fact: it is very easy to make a provocation in military conflict and very hard to find out the truth. Think about it. If you dare.


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