Maidan reaction


Here is when the split of Ukrainian society was committed officially. After beginning of aggressive phase of so called protests on Euromaidan different regions of Ukraine manifested official claims to President. Maidan reaction and further escalation of conflict was looking like this:


‚ÄčReaction and further escalation of conflict Autonomous Republic of Crimea:

• The Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea supported the decision of Prime Minister Mykola Azarov to suspend the process of European integration , while expressing serious concern about the " destructive actions of the political opposition ," and subsequently called Crimeans "strengthen friendly relations with Russia". After the events of November 30 parliamentary of autonomy officially called on the government of Ukraine to clear restore order , " without stopping, if necessary, prior to the introduction of emergency".

• The Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea , said the threat of the autonomous status of the region and urged its residents to be ready to defend the autonomy

Reaction and further escalation of conflict Donetsk Region

·  Chairman of Donetsk Regional State Administration Andriy Shishatskiy said he will maintain law and order, and "president elected legally, so there is no doubt that Donbass will defend his choice".

Reaction and further escalation of conflict Donetsk-city

·  Donetsk city council passed a resolution condemning the use of force against participants of Euromaidan, while expressing worry about the all-Ukrainian opposition calls for strike.


Maidan. Reaction Zakarpatye Region

·   Transcarpathian Regional Council expressed its support for participants and indignation Evromaydana Evromaydana crackdown, calling it a crime, demanded the immediate resignation of the government, reserving the right to civil disobedience and all-Ukrainian strike in case of continued use of force against citizens.

Maidan. Reaction Ivano-Frankivsk Region

·   Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council condemned the crackdown Evromaydana 30 November and urged the EU and the U.S. to impose sanctions on Ukrainian authorities. Further, the regional council has expressed distrust of the regional state administration and decided to withdraw the powers delegated to it.

Maidan. Reaction Kiev Region

·         Kyiv Regional Council adopted a decision on the conviction of police actions on Euromaidan.


Reaction and further escalation of conflict Lviv Region

·         December 17 Lviv Regional Council after the Ivano-Frankivsk has withdrawn delegated authority from the regional state administration.

Maidan. Reaction Lviv-city

·   Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy said he will not allow elimination of Euromaidan in Lviv, and condemned the military action of "Berkut" in Kiev.

·   Party of Regions faction in the Lviv city council ceased to exist.

Reaction and further escalation of conflict Odessa Region

Maidan. Reaction Odessa-city

·  Odessa City Council urged the people to refrain from radical manifestations, President – to take measures to stabilize the situation, taking into account the opinion of the people in decision-making of foreign economic, political parties – conduct a civilized dialogue with the authorities.

Maidan. Reaction and further escalation of conflict Ternopil Region

·         Ternopil Regional Council expressed distrust to the Mayor of Ternopil Regional State Administration and called for the elimination of special police task.

Reaction and further escalation of conflict Kharkov Region

Reaction and further escalation of conflict Kharkov

·   Kharkiv City Council supported the aspirations of the people of Ukraine to join the European community with its level of prosperity, democracy, and respect for the law, as well as balanced and consistent measures in this direction taken by the President of Ukraine and the Government, recognizing people's right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly, but condemned the opposition of actions aimed at creating social tensions in the country.


But these were just first manifests, very careful and timid from the sides who doesn`t perceive seriously the beginning of drama and very belligerent from Western regions. Eventually, tension between regions will only increase as Euromaidan will affect on social life more and more.


Government` maidan reaction 

And what about government? What do they do in such case? They contented themselves with palliative demagogical appeals of President to nation, where he condemned the abusing of force from policemen of November, 30 and then declared that everything is under control and all offenders of Interior troops of first of December will be punished. Nobody really listened to his speeches. President with image of greedy, unprincipled, sneaky slowpoke was losing his legitimacy thick and fast.

Decision of their resignation from the parliamentary faction of the Party of Regions seeing the breakdown of negotiations on European integration and the violent dispersal of Euromaidan claimed David Zhvania, Inna Bogoslovska, Nikolay Rudkovsky, and Vladimir Melnichenko. Party of Regions was falling apart but this was a long process before Maidan.

Also Mustafa Nayyem (journalist, which was stated above) observed that "…. Authorities do not control TV-box as it was in 2004". And this is the crucial observing. Even in 2004 when L. Kuchma has all power in his hands and used hand-controlled media resource to propagate "truth", under the pressure of foreign politicians (American first of all) lose his fight with Orange Maidan. Nowadays it was obvious that Yanukovych has a much far disadvantageous position. He don`t control media, Internet, don`t have support in society. If he don`t take chances he will lose the situation with barely predictable repercussions for the country. And as we all could see further: it was the  cat-and-mouse play. Where the President and his environment become a little gray mice. But the concert by displacement of legitimate authority in Ukraine stretched for 3 month to show everybody how fierce and hard "revolution" was in Ukraine. But as we could see, protesters could invade into the President's building in the first day of protests.

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