Maidan. Prehistory and inception


Prehistory and inception of first massive actions on Kievan Independence Square or "Maidan Nezalezhnosti" in Ukrainian capital took place in 2004 during notorious occasion of Orange Revolution. Everybody knows what was the end of the story. Victor Yuschenko was an odious and contradictory figure and led his government both as his political block of parties "Nasha Ukraina" (Our Ukraine). Ukrainian debt grew up to 140% (17 (2005) -> 38 (2009) billion dollars) at the expense of foreign credits (IMF, foreign banks and so on). But at least we had a "democracy": genuine freedom of speech, ability to produce private entrepreneurship in easy terms and conditions. But here is when so called "oligarch media" spread and monopolized media-space of Ukraine. Many journalists from Western Ukraine or just with radical "pro-Ukrainian" ideology held their offices in almost every media resource. So it is not surprising why there is so strong total propaganda on our TV and Internet right now. Proper freedom of speech and way of thinking is the most important achievement of past Orange regime.


yuschenko 3-rd president of Ukraine
For those who forget this man. Main democratizator of whole Ukraine

But president Yanukovich wasn`t so good as one could hope. Contrary, he was totally mistreating the power Ukrainians gave him. He wasn`t concentrated on Ukraine`s industry, economic, agriculture or medicine but first of all he thought about personal enrichment. Often it was in illegal way: big and profitable business could be raided off from its owner, smaller ones could be forced to pay tribute. Other words it was so called "Donetsk mafia" which redistributed Ukrainian goods in hands of Yanukovich`s "family" and their close people.  Wherein no clause from his election program was implemented. No convergence with Russia in industrial complex, no federation, no Russian language as second in the state, no "tax vacations" to small business. Just new credits from international structures, increasing of prices on every kind of products and services. And promises to join the EU and become a real European country.

Yanukovych. The main actor of the play

His awful politics pushed people for protests. The second large demonstration on Maidan took place November 16 – December 3 2010 and was named "Tax Maidan". People gathered under slogans "No to Codex", "Hands off our money" as it was a new Tax Codex (Azarov-Tigipko Codex) accepted by government. It was very strict measure greatly increasing taxes and in fact killing small business. This protests were dispersed December 3, but government partially made concessions. 


Of course, Yanukovych wasn`t pro-Russian president  in no case. He was a regular traitor of Ukrainian people. In this time Yanukovich acquires more and more foes and become extremely unpopular in society. His "Party of Regions" has gone rifts and fractures because of lame and non-consistent politics they were conducting. Many of close people of president formed so called "fifth column" and were ready to give him up in convenient moment. Yanukovich was the ideal figure to depose: fool, greedy, coward trimmer with no vision of situation. He made up explosive situation by himself and didn`t understand that. And when the government told him that Association with EU is objectively cabala and will destroy our country, he suddenly realized the depth of shit he merged in. But it was late to rewind a clock: he refuses to sign Association and…


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