Maidan. Parallel universe

December chronicles of Maidan

In this very fearful time to my native Ukraine and during all crucial moments that are happening here, most of people try to adjust themselves to situation and develop their own attitude. Somebody just abstract from everything and pretend it`s fine all around: they go to work, studying, living their ordinary lives and don`t watch TV-news, don`t participate meetings etc. This is the most numerous part of Ukrainian society. Another part is demonstrates their activity in social networks, chatting on the streets, gathering big or not meetings, blaming or apologizing processes taking place in our country. They don`t really affect the situation but at least they are trying to manifest their social position. But the main disposition of things depends on comparatively thin number of people which are in authority/politics, different nationalistic or rebel organizations and Home Guard of Donbass. They are really making history right now.


Maidan. Parallel universe

I`m 25, I live in Kharkov, so I representing Eastern Ukraine. I`m the telecommunication engineer so I gathered the information very thoroughly and intend to make independent journalist`s investigation.  I wanted to write this article a long time ago but now collect enough of information to set the puzzle and uniquely explain the phenomenon of Maidan and its aftermath to English-speaking people. I think it`s my call of duty. All the facts I will rely on are taken from open source and weren`t refuted. Anyone can treat this article like the particular point of view, but I think this point of view must have right to be spoken.


In the process of work I realized that it would be impossible to hold so many facts about long Euromaidan story in one article. To understand hiding motives and mechanisms of this "revolution" we need to mindfully regard to many different episodes which are shaping the whoke picture. So I decided to write whole serie of connected stories in form of chronology and this is just only about Maidan not taking in consideration its repercussion. I tried to be objective and just making conclusions from material and common logic. My presonal opinion (if somebody wants) one can read in the end of this miscellany. 

Why did I call this article "Maidan. Parallel universe". That`s because everything in this situation reminding Wonderland, one entire looking glass where most of Ukrainians see everything inside out. This happened of a big number of reasons: total propaganda from Ukrainian media (we will find out why this become possible), double standarts of Western partners concerning Ukrainian situation, low intellectual and cultural level of Ukrainian population, personal interest and betrayal of pr. Yanukovych, poor state politics last 23 years and a lot of other details.


Without this long prelude it`s impossible to understand the real motives and mechanisms which were the basis for Maidan. Parallel universe is spreading and we will try to understand why. I will often refer to the beginning of the article to explain some moments in the story.


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