Maidan. First blood

Maidan. 1 December 2013, first blood

It`s very surprising, but different European diplomats reacted on "police aggression" against "poor children" immediately. They twitted on their accounts just in half-our after clash and next day were in Kiev to see the reaction of opposition on "demonstration of tyranny". Wow, incredible quickness of Europarliamenters. And this caused first real first bloody clashes.


First of all there was organized so called march on Kievan central streets. Right sector marched in a vanguard, politics back to them. In that time Kiev City council was stormed and controlled by "right sector" hitmen, but nobody cares. Then Maidan itself was encountered by this procession. Nobody made no resistance to this administrative crimes. Politics-guests were glad.

Hey, what I`m talking about, here is the video:

In the end of this video everybody can see the grader which henceforth will be used to storm the police cordons under the building of Ukrainian President Administration. And this action also properly documented. But European and local politicians did not go there and specially ignored this action as unauthorized. As you remember, till this time, nobody exclaim "right sector" participants not provocateurs, nor "titushkas" which is the same. For the time being they are peaceful protestants, just frolic a little bit. Here`s some live stories about final phase of "heroes`" adventures:

And then they abruptly became criminals, alcoholics, slime and provocateurs. Why? Why did they are heroes and protestants while they successfully occupying government buildings and when the final storm  failed, everybody turns their heads away? I think the answer is complex and there are lots of reasons. First of all, nobody can predict everything and even the most genial plans failing. Moreover, we can`t rule out human factor: maybe it was not in plans to assault on President Administration, especially by means of tractor and throwing rocks into unarmed internal troops (VV) who was even without shields. Second: everything should be look like voluntary, opened action, kind of national will. That`s why there were so many journalists and free bloggers ready to capture new facts of national revolution. But, of course, everything should be shown peaceful or at least half-peaceful, not like that:

Or the "Revolution" could repel people from it. So its organizers decided to sacrifice this cannon fodder and called them "titushkas". Everything`s simple. Wanna proves?

Here`s how "peaceful protestant`s" prepared for battle:

preparing for militia clashes. Maidan
Maidan. First blood

Instruction from above(not full actually):

4. Take cans of paint. Pour it on their helmets. They won't se anything so be forced to take them off.

6. Knives. Pierce tires of cars. Make problems.

9. Masks, respirators.

Maidan First blood 1 December

" Take scarves of dark tones. Worst, but a valid option – Wear a medical mask … football pads. Take fittings, hammers for construction of the WHITE(!) future … aim at orcs` (word for word) helmets … Never say that we are for violence. We defend DEMOCRACY. Hold the line. Don`t crap your pants. Alarmists should be calmed down by punch to the stomach. LET THE COLONEL KONOVALETS SMILE TO US FROM THE SKY(!!!)"

And such information was in the opened access. This is gross. But this instructions was before the storm on police. The mood is combative and optimistic. And what`s after?

Miadan in social networks

"Despite the actions of the provocateurs pacifists (who's a provocateur from the standpoint of provocateurs! – Auth.), Our hold, though Berkut uses gas".


Beginning of Maidan

 "Hold on, guys, the Maidan has, unfortunately, have recorded you in the provocateurs and titushki and again prepare a peaceful party …"

Peaceful demonstrants in social networks

 "Vadim, you need to adjust a few dozen bulldozers and go for those freaks-cops. And to take up arms, and not peaceful actions to do. "

first blood on maidan, december, inception

"Due to several clashes with nationalists, bandits from Berkut are seriously injured." And the response:

"Glory of the Nation!!!!

Well done.

Death to the enemies. "


There is no doubt – these people are seriously coo-coo. And one can find dozens of such massages in comments of any pro-Maidan group even now, after so many time had passed!

To illustrate assault on President Administration on Bankovaya street more brightly I can cite blogger Olena Bilozerska, who is approximate to ultras environment and uses pronounced nationalistic rhetoric in her posts (nowadays she is very popular in Ukraine for her point of view):

"Both the opposition and the media called these people provocateurs. I do not think so, because while some institution is not captured, those who stormed it are provocateurs, and when captured, they are heroes"

Here is nothing to add. Except that social group C14 in Vkontakte, where combatants of right sector publicly  wrote about their exploits, is still functioning. And everyone, who took part in storming on policemen December, 1 and further are still on freedom or amnestied. No investigation is held.

Here is when something changed in my understanding in situation. It was strange moments in all this situation. Oppositionists in their willing to prove that in first December actions took part some provocateurs from authority-side tell that some people went to and fro between rows of policemen from one to other side of street. We can see this fact on video. But it is also interesting why Berkut come for help to internal troops only in four hours later, why VV were without decent equipment and any weapon? Where was all the police department anywhere on the streets as nobody prevent crime and law violation? These very strange moments telling us that authorities acted or extremely unprofessional, or were a part of this bloody scenario of Maidan. First blood was just a catalyzer of further activeness.

To prove finally where was the result of all this nazi-gathering and who was provocateur I want you to watch video below. No channel in Ukraine or other country didn`t show even a part of this material. It is a real shock

So you can see the real truth: the violence from police side and some "bloody tyranny" is total fiction. Maidan was criminal and off the law from the very beginning. To be completely honest I wanted to gather some materials showing real violence by policemen or Internal Troops and that`s what I found:

Comments under this video are unanimously blaming police in such dreadful violence and curse them down dale. We can understand the people`s aggression.

This material is of 1 December`s dispersal of assault near President Administration. As you can see Berkut is really overreached instruction and beats a journalist to death. Don`t worry, this person is alive. But this video shows us how unprofessional and coarse Ukrainian police is working. There were no provocateurs and real violators arrested, most of beaten people were foreign and local journalists. So, Berkut beats up a couple of peaceful people, one of massacres was right under the camera. But it`s one of rare testimonies of police violation. Ask yourself: if they are so unprofessional and aggressive, why are there so few evidences of police-violation in Internet? Did they hiding good enough from cameras? "Bloody" regime withdrew material from the network? People were intimidated to share their videos to prove violation? No, no, and no again. There were just NO MORE testimonies…


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