Maidan chaos

Satellite photo of Maidan in February

As we saw by all this story, Maidan chaos was protected by invisible backers from EU and America. Whatever they did, they were always right and any situation had been overturned as it was police, Yanukovych, Putin, FSB or whoever else guilty but not the protesters. Maidan was strictly divided by layers: regular protesters (different people who really were deceived and came out on street for better life and for ideals, predominantly peaceful. Homeless and different social scum also included) – most numerous category which was used for covering all the crimes of Maidan`s thugs and for taking all the punishment from police forces; nazi-oriented youth and zombified by nationalistic ideology people from Western Ukraine which came into "Right sector" and served to forcible operation and crimes of Maidan – were paid for it and they knew what they were doing; coordinators and instructors (nobody has a doubt that every single action of Maidan-activists is well-planned coordinated operation beforehand) – fifth colonna in authority, corrupted journalists and media, other foreign consultants which I`m sure were describing every detail to executors; face of Maidan-movement and famous American henchmen (Tyahnibok, Klichko, Yatseniuk) and oligarchs who sponsored protests and provide good media shield to all the crimes (Kolomoyskiy, Taruta, Firtash and so on). 

Maidan chaos


But at the very top of the pyramid there are real customer of all this Maidan chaos. The main question is: who obtains profit from all this shit? Maybe Russian FSB and bloody oligarch Putin created it to grab Crimea, Donbass and suck off Ukrainian resources? But the Russians saying they are brothers to Ukrainians and first of all they want be in relative contact with Ukraine. Russians planned and building gas-transport system "South Stream" by the the bottom of Black Sea, so it proves that Russia didn`t have near plans to "annex" or "usurp" or whatever Crimea. They protect people in Crimea from Maidan`s zombies and trying to do the same on Donbass without intervention, by all available diplomatic means. They have enough resources as you all know. And zone of instability and hostile nationalism near the border isn`t a good bonus. Okay, Russians, you are a very-very bad, but plausible at the moment. Maybe it`s cruel Europe has some hidden intentions about Ukraine? Control the gas-system, resources, market, nice workers and big territory. Sleep and dream to enslave this country and export the black soil from here like at World War II. But the truth is: Europe is already has Ukraine completely. There is no borders to European people, products and so on. They don`t invest or making business here because of poor legislation, corruption and simple irresponsibility by local businessmen and people. Europe knows Ukraine better than anyone else. And accession of Ukraine to EU will not improve investing-climate and people`s culture. Do they want Ukraine in EU for big market and reduction of custom taxes? Yes, but not with such price.

There is one side left on the board. USA is interested in chaos in Europe to invade energetic market, to prevent connections between EU and Russia, to give credits to Ukraine and try to stabilize dollar for a while. It`s obvious that USA providing this politics here in Europe as their own resource is ending. Same tactics and same technology was realized in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, Russia and Turkey. But Russia and Turkey are too strong for such cheap revolutions. And it`s too hard to implement them when there is so big number of medias, informational background and technologies.


The most important message: I don`t want to label USA as the global evil. But they objectively have imperialistic ambitions, have concrete problems with their financial system and acting striaghtly in course of their national interests. We can`t blame them, but their concerning in Ukrainian crisis can prove even Captian Obvious.

 Maidan chaos

There is another question: why people in Ukraine are supporting Maidan in significant amount. Of course it`s not America bought everybody. Part of the answer you can find in the first article about Maidan. But among the main reasons we can admit that Ukraine too young and need to go through the mill. Also Ukrainians want to reach European standarts of life and naively believe that some invisible force or special trained monkeys can change the state drastically. Well, this explanation is too poor for all this disastrous actions had happenned. Maybe we can explore them or just give some parts of answer in other articles about Ukrainian society.

In the end of our miscellany I just want to cite one of the recall to us from the Donetsk region citizen. She write to us her opinion about all this situation:

When I firstly saw the actions of Maidan I recalled the one of scary movies by Stephen King, "the Mist". I see how the beautiful and wealthy country gradually dipping to panic and chaos, becoming to a polygon for military actions. Not the last role in this situation playing media. Every TV-channel represents the occurring from the subjective side but everyone of them choosing the most flagrant scenes and seeding panic. This making people very controlled and creating a brainless multitude from them which can follow any instruction. They unleashing the most outrageous features of human being: envy, malice, wish to humiliate and hurt each other. I wish films to make people think and not to be reiterated in real world. People are inclined to be idle and transfer their responsibility on fate. But when you obsessed with panic you can make all wrong just like at the end of "the Mist" but in the next instant mist can roll away and show how much you did wrong. What is just seemed to be the end proving as the inception. And what will it be like depends only on you.


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