Maidan aftermath. Premises for Civil War

Yulia Tymoshenko on Maidan 22 february

Here is the main article about Maidan bounding it logically with further tragic events in Ukraine (Crimea, Odessa, Donbass), which are officially pronounced like Anti-Terroristic operation but in fact it is real Civil War of two implacable enemies: Ukraine headed with unconstitutional government and unrecognized Federal State of Novorossiya called "terroristic organization". Maybe this material will help you to understand background principles of Ukrainian crisis and reasons of such disastrous conflict escalation.



First of all let`s begin from those dramatical actions which took place after sniper fire on Instytutska street near Maidan. In Lviv unknown people burnt base of Berkut. Two Berkut-employees died in the fire. Protesters who were blocking the base denied any involvement in the arson. Lviv Regional Council forbid wearing of masks, any other ways to hide face in public places, in order to combat vandalism, looting and provocations. Wherein ensures the safety of all citizens who are included in the ranks of the self-defense of the Maidan, right sector, Galitsky Legion and others.


February 21

The Secretary of the State, John Kerry, said that the U.S. government warns Ukrainian officials on international liability for death on the streets of Kiev, "the Ukrainian people and the international community brings to justice those responsible for what happened".


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The Interior Ministry said that the protesters again violated the truce and opened fire on employees of the police forces. Some of the employees tried to escape from the fire in the building of the Verkhovna Rada, but were brought out. "In the area of ​​Instytutska street riot-participants opened fire on the police workers and tried to break through in the direction of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Now shooting continues. Information about the victims is establishing "- said in a statement.


Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Lieutenant-General Yuri Dumanskiy had resigned. "Today there is a retraction of the military in civil conflict, which is unacceptable. This can lead to the death of both military personnel and civilians, which can not be tolerated. This is my own position as a citizen, officer, manager, who is responsible for his subordinates. So I resigned, "- said Lieutenant General. Before this Chief of Staff, Vladimir Zaman wrote report. Yes, yes, you got it right, military chiefs of Yanukovich "regime" resigned just at sight of the HINT OF POSSIBLE RISK to be involved into confrontation with civilians. Note this please. Because really many of constitutions of different developed countries deny military forces to be used against civilian people and so does Ukrainian constitution. Even if they are rioters or whatever.


There is one more incident worth to notice thoroughly happened that day: a convoy of Evromaidan`a foes, so called anti-maidaneers undergone an attack in the Cherkassy region. As a result 31 people missing. We have a video evidence for that episode. On the video from this article you can see what was happening to people who go to Kiev to participate the Antimaidan meetings directed against the lawlessness of "democratizators" of Ukraine. The column of buses from 11 machines and 1 police bus were stopped in Korsun-Shevchenkivsky, right amidst the highway and then people were forcely expelled from buses and undergone manhandling and humiliation. They were compelled to gather shattered glass from asphalt with bare hands, squatting, cry "Slava Ukraine!" (which is echoing with Lwow pogroms of jewish) and many of them were seriously beaten. But that`s not the most scary from that story: 7 people were murdered on that spot accordingly to witness` testimonials, the destiny of 23 other people is still unknown. 2 buses burnt with Molotov cocktails. Those lucky people who were fortunate to come back home said they were told some phrases like "Go home and tell what is waiting for every asshole who will try to go to Kiev and cross our road". Many of returned had bad unjuries of viscera and needed continuous medical help. By the way, the main thing was these people drove from Crimea and this act was the first episode of serious violence to Crimean people from Maidan activists. A little bit later new "government will tell how everybody love Crimeans and prevent them not to separate from Ukrainian state. And we must notice that this action was excellently planned: "maidaneers" knew everything about the route of antimaidaneers, how many people will be in buses and what they will do with them after interception. Many of assailants were with Ukrainian symbolics, building helmets, sticks or baseball bats. In 11 buses were located a 2-3 hundred people and they can provide some resistance but as we saw from video nobody even try to resist. So assaulters had a weapon to restrain the hostages.




Another big event took start also 21-th of February. Many people call this "Leninopad" (Lenin`s falling). It was mass destruction of monuments to Vladimir Lenin, leader of the World`s proletariat. We won`t give any evaluation to Lenin as historical figure, but it`s obvous that demolition of monuments has nothing in common with democracy and developed civil society. Using total embarassement and confusing situation in Ukraine, which merely could be called "anarchy", people joined in social networks and under the leadership of nazi from "Right sector" began to knock down monuments. Implication of naZionalists to this incident is apparent as hostility to Soviet past of Ukraine and communism in general is the primary clause of ideology of modern neonazi Bandera`s followers. In Internet you can find a lots of evidences to Lenin`s demolition. Geography of anti-historical action was very broad: Poltava, Chernihiv, Khmelnitsky, Skvira, Dunaevcy, White Church, Zhitomir, Slavuta, Brovary, Boiarka, Komsomolskoe, Kalynivka. In Dnipropetrovsk some people were injured while dismantling.


An agreement to settle the political crisis


February 21 after talks between President Viktor Yanukovych and opposition representatives brokered by representatives of the EU and Russia was signed an agreement "On the settlement of the political crisis in Ukraine." which is totally forgotten by now.


The agreement was signed by President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and opposition leaders: Vitali Klitschko (Party UDAR) Yatsenyuk (IN "Fatherland") and Oleg Tyahnibok (VO "Svoboda"). Witnessed the signing of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Germany and Poland – Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Radoslaw Sikorski and Head of Continental Europe, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the French Republic, Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Lukin, who participated in the negotiations, refused to sign the agreement.


The agreement provided for a return to the 2004 constitution, which means to a parliamentary-presidential form of government, and to hold early presidential elections before the end of 2014 and the formation of a "government of national trust." Also provided for removal of security forces from the center of Kiev, the cessation of violence and laying down of arms by the opposition. 


Verkhovna Rada adopted the law on the release of all those detained during the protests, a return to the constitution in 2004, on the dismissal of Interior Minister Zaharchenko, Minister of Revenue and Duties Klimenko and Defense Minister Lebedev unit "Berkut" and internal troops left center Kiev.


February 21, at the public announcement of the parliamentary opposition leaders terms of the agreement, representatives of the "right sector" stated that they do not accept the agreed document gradual political reforms, and demanded the immediate resignation of President Yanukovych – otherwise they were going to storm the administration President and the Verkhovna Rada. Dmitro Yarosh said that the Agreement is no clear commitment to the president's resignation, the dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada, punishment heads of security agencies and performers "criminal orders, which resulted in the killing of some hundreds of Ukrainian citizens," he called the agreement "another blurring of eyes" and refused to perform it. On the night of February 22 Evromaidan-activists seized government district, abandoned by police officers, taking control of the parliament building, the Presidential Administration, Cabinet of Ministers and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and made a series of new requirements – in particular, demanded the immediate resignation of President Yanukovych. They claimed they won`t free the governmental dictrict until their demands would be fulfilled completely and after this part of activists will remain to control the governmental activity. Moreover,  the commander of samooborona of Maidan lawmaker Paruby said that "Maidan today fully controls Kiev".


As later said Yanukovych (This version was supported by the leadership of the Russian Federation), he and his supporters of these actions were regarded as a breach of the agreement. In some regions, these events provoked rejection of Kyiv authorities in the coming days and the transition to self-government. At the same time, Yanukovych unexpectedly left the capital. According to the official version, he went to Kharkiv to participate in the Congress of Deputies Kharkov Southeast. Yanukovych later explained his disappearance attack on his motorcade.


At 10:00 started the meeting of the Verkhovna Rada. 248 (from 450, as many of them decided not to participate because of real danger to their lives) deputies were registered, and later they were joined by about ninety deputies. Probably, this meeting took place under the deputies physical pressure. The footage can be seen live BP use of physical force and among the deputies. Also part of the deputies did not attend the meeting, and their voices in the protocols is.


Later, in an interview aired on UBR, Viktor Yanukovych called the situation in the country an overturn, and all decisions of the Verkhovna Rada he declared illegal. Meanwhile, Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said that there is no coup in Ukraine.


Verkhovna Rada constitutional majority of 326 votes accepted the resignation of Vladimir Rybak and Igor Kaletnik. At 12:35 the new head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov was elected. "For" vote 288 deputies. In a statement, the Verkhovna Rada reported that it takes power into its own hands. Acting Minister of Internal Affairs was elected deputy of the "Fatherland"б Arsen Avakov. Verkhovna Rada also expressed distrust of 247 votes to General Prosecutor Viktor Pshonka. Parliament also appointed Valentin Nalyvaychenko Commissioner to monitor the activities of the Security Service of Ukraine. Nalivaychenko invited to "work together representatives of self-defence of Maidan, community activists and the media".


Parliament adopted the resolution "on the prevention of manifestations of separatism" made ​​by deputies Vitali Klitschko and Oleg Arseniy Yatsenyuk Tyagnibok.


17:10 In the Verkhovna Rada adopted a resolution on the disengagement of President from performing the constitutional powers and calling early presidential elections in Ukraine: 

"Given that President Viktor Yanukovych withdrew from performing the constitutional powers that threaten the state controllability, territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, massive violation of human rights and freedoms of citizens, based on the circumstances of extreme urgency, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the expression of the sovereign will of the Ukrainian people, decides: 
Establish that the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych unconstitutional manner withdrew from the implementation of the constitutional powers and is one that does not fulfill his obligations.

In accordance with paragraph 7 of Part 1 of Article 85 of the Constitution for a special election for President May 25, 2014.

This Decision shall enter into force upon its adoption."


328 voted for the ruling People's Deputies. Resolution of the Verkhovna Rada of the Constitution, as the Constitution provides for 4 cases of early termination of powers of the President: the resignation, announced in person at the meeting of the Verkhovna Rada; for health care; impeachment; death. Around this same time, the TV channel UBR handed Victor Yanukovych account statements that he was "not going to resign, and in his opinion in the country there are all the signs of a overturn".


In the night from 22 to 23 February at the Crimea, to arrest Yanukovych were sent the newly appointed head of the SBU Nalivaychenko and acting Interior Minister Avakov accompanied by special units "Alpha" and "Falcon".


February 22

burying of maidan activistsFebruary 22 was relatively calm day. Liturgy for the dead in clashes with police and sniper gunfire took place on the square.


The apogee of lawlessness which all European and American media agencies and politicians called "democracy" in their own interpretation was release from custody of Yulia Tymoshenko. In the sidelines of Verkhovna Rada was adopted a resolution, which, according to the new leadership of the Verkhovna Rada, eliminating the need for the president's signature to free Tymoshenko. New kind of democracy – no verdict of court needed to free a prisoner. Deputies met announcement of the voting results applause and chanting the slogan "Freedom to Julia".

Yulia Tymoshenko on Maidan 22 february

Tymoshenko evening of February 22 was released from the hospital in Kharkiv, where she had been detained, flew to Kiev and acted on Independence square with the speech. In the airport Yulia Tymoshenko's motorcade was stopped by activists of Maidan and turned to her and said, "Do you remember who made ​​this revolution?" They did not like that she left not through a common exit from the airport. 


Also a big event of this day: a congress of representatives of the authorities and deputies southeastern Ukraine (except Odessa and Nikolaev who couldn`t made it to Kharkov), chaired by the Head of Kharkiv Regional State Administration Mykhailo Dobkin took place in Kharkovan Sports Palace under the risk of disruption from pro-Maidan forces.


In preparing of this congress organizers stated that, in view of anarchy in the country and its capital, Kiev, Kharkov ready to be the capital of Ukraine. The congress took place under heavy armed guard soldiers of Special Forces "Berkut". According to the organizers, the congress, attended by over three thousand people, including representatives of Russia (Alexei Pushkov, Mikhail Margelov, the governors of neighboring Russian regions), however, there was no President Yanukovich in Kharkov at the same time. The congress adopted a statement of the following nature:


"We, the local governments at all levels, the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Sevastopol region decided to take the responsibility for ensuring the constitutional order of law and the rights of citizens on its territory " 
Ukrainian media reported that Dobkin and Kernes left the territory of Ukraine, but a spokesman of Dobkin stated that he was at the workplace. 


At that evening Evromaidan` supporters attacked Kharkov Regional administration and occupied it. As was lately stated "they had a contract with authorities of the city to protect and control the political process". But citizens of Kharkiv tolerated visitors not for very long time. March, 1 they were dropped away from the administration by disgruntled crowd. I was participating in that process personally.


The attack on the Luhansk Regional State Administration

Skirmish with the use of weapons occurred in the administration of the Lugansk region. The reason for the conflict was an insult to the memory of fallen soldiers of Berkut when gunmen wearing helmets and sticks dropped candles in the center of Lugansk. They were opposed by the activists of "Lugansk Guard." To a place of conflict, arrived armed men of real Berkut.

Three victims with gunshot wounds were taken away by ambulance. Irta channel posted a video in which shots are heard. One of the defenders of Administration said he saw the guns in the hands of the attackers. Here is this video:

Man in the end of video (Lugansk citizen, not Maidan activist): They had started shooting, 3 people are already wounded. One in head, one in leg

Lugansk citizens showed them up like a real heroes who defended their city barehanded against equipped and armed trained scum.


Meanwhile In Stry, small city of Lviv region, was dismantled monument to the Soviet soldier who was a sculpture of Soviet soldier holding a child.

Subsequent events

February 24 was hijacked and set on fire the house, which belongs to the son of the head of the Communist Party Peter Simonenko. Deputies factions of the Communist Party and the Party of Regions notes that almost all new laws and regulations are adopted without discussion or even reading. The same opinion was expressed administration head of the Kharkiv region Mikhail Dobkin


February 25 Chairman of the Regional Council of Dneproetrovsk, Eugene Udod (Hoopoe), withdrew resignation "because it was written under physical and mental pressure, which lasted more than three hours during the meeting of the Presidium of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council on February 24," in order to avoid the risk of destruction of the building, which houses apparatus of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council, beating people and with the proviso that no one gets hurt, I wrote a letter of resignation", – the press service quoted.


Also the end of February marked with another prominent event. Feeling their full impumity different Right sector activists began to act in their own motives pushing Ukraine to havoc and bedlam. Disturbing messages about people missing came from Western regions of Ukraine since early January constantly. Supposedly different businessman and other people in Lwow, Ivano-Frankovsk, Rivne and so on disappeared after Right sector or just other robbers visiting them to take away money or force them to cooperate with nationalists. We have no abiillity to check this information as after the governmental overturn there was no jurisdiction in Ukraine.


That`s what all this prehistory to: February 25 Right-sector activist, Sashko  Bily came to the meeting of the presidium of Rivne regional administration with Kalashnikov automat and demanded a complete lustration of authorities in the field.

He also asked rich members of Party Regions in Rivne administration to buy 3 flats for died "Right sector" participants(!) or threatened to withdraw their own real estate in favor of his organization` dead members. Former Chechen War terrorist liked to be a controller of Rivne` authorities so he publicly threaten different branches of Ukrainian power in Rivne for their "bad work". As for example how he came to regional attorney and demanded "solve or cases in three hours" or he will "put on a chain like on dog and send to live in cowshed".


As for Muzychko (Bily), he died soon in process of detention by police. The most logical theory is that Muzychko was killed by police as he was really uncontrolled nationalist and crossed the road to many of top-echelon people from "new" Maidan government and was discrediting their authorities. Also he showed up how weak legislation in the field works in Ukraine and tried in his own perverted way to break system.


Instead of afterwords


Anybody can make his own conclusions about this complicated situation in Ukraine. It is obvious that many processes controlled from above. Absolutely impossible to gather so many people in one place without a thick stream of propaganda and good financial infusion and strong informational shield from the Western countries. The situation is very easy to describe in two words "controlled chaos". The main row of events was in a frame of main purpose of "revolution": shapely precised attempts to discredit legal authorities to justify anti-constitutional overturn, gross media pressure, creating parallel branches of authority in regions, manipulating of public opinion, active struggle against dissent, provocative sniper gunfire on Maidan. Numerous cases of well planned actions everyday. So this big fake revolutionary process called "Maidan" could afford some improvisation like notorious Sashko Bily.


But it was just the beginning of inverse reaction of the fake revolution. And what will happen further we will tell you in the article about Crimean separation. 


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