Last February for Ukraine

last February for Ukraine

February, 1 was remembered by Munich conference with participation of Ukrainian opposition leaders: Klichko, Tyahnybok and Yatsenyuk. They met John Carrie and different European leaders. Meanwhile in Ukraine aggressive clashes with forces of legal order stopped for this time. That`s how the last February for Ukraine had been started.


After this, December 3-rd European Commission head, Jose Manuel Barroso stated that US and EU are developing the plan of emergency help to Ukraine. But Ukraine can achieve this help only after "real reforms".

Also in Kiev President Yanukovych gathered round table to discuss the current crisis and the ways of its de-escalation. There were many political, social and religious personalities. President called the situation "extremism, radicalism and political fight for power which must be stopped immediately. Vandalism, building capturing and slogans which sounds at Maidan reminds the lessons of old history. And, God forbid, it must not ever reiterate".

In answer to this speech German political scientist also known as ardent participant and inspirer of Maidan, Andreas Umland, posted at his facebook account such petition: "Kievan Maidan is liberating action and not mass extremist action of social disobedience". You can read this article and form an opinion that it`s all Russia`s fault. Every problem on the Earth is because of Russia, we are saint 🙂

4-th of February

When Azarov`s government were already resigned, protesters invent a new stuff: now it`s vitally necessary to go back to Constitution of 2004, when it was Parliament-president form of state governing and thereby limit president`s powers. Yulia Tymoshenko didn`t support this demand and appeal to opposition proposing to prepare for preterm elections.

February, 5

Another interesting incident. At the 5-th floor of Trade Union Building which was occupied by Right Sector, something caused blow. Two people were injured. As commandant of this building, deputy from "Batkivschina" party, Stepan Kubiv has told "bundle with "medications" inscription on it had blown. It was received as humanitarian relief from outside". As usual, no investigation hadn`t inquired.

Europarliament approved resolution of personal sanctions as for foreign visits, actives and real estate of Ukrainian functionaries and oligarchs whom are responsible for taken force against protesters and death of Maidan activists. Also EU Parliament appeared against excessive pressure on Ukraine from Russian side, which is directed to disruption of legitimacy and sovereignty of neighbor-state to freely choose its own future, as was mentioned in resolution. EU also call different international organizations and banks to prepare long-term packet of financial help to Ukraine in return of reforms. What reforms – nobody knows.


February, 12

Jose Manuel Barroso nevertheless demonstrated political sensibility (he had time and advantage for maneuvers) and claimed that EU can reach the reversal effect with their inopportune sanctions. He told Reuters: "We are now at a stage where the priority is to stabilize the country, to avoid violence and start a serious dialogue between government and opposition. At this stage, other measures may lead to a negative effect.  EU must create the conditions for political transformation, or search for ways to solve (the crisis), which would have full legitimacy in Ukraine"


February, 15

"Self-defense" of Maidan overflowed out patience and clobbered participants of social movement "Kievans for clean city" organized by Ivan Procenko at the barricades near the KSCA. Armed with petards, traumatic pistols, blackjacks and with faces hiding by masks "self-defenders" assault on activists and 13 people were wounded and hospitalized. I must observe that Ivan Procenko is ambiguous personality and there is a lot of controversial information about him in the net. Supposedly he works for Victor Medvedchuk`s "Ukrainian choice" party. Very lot of people consider Procenko was performing political order. Anyway, there was no real social movement in Kiev against Maidan, which destructing and littering of the main Square of the city, inconveniences to center-citizens and inability to walk around in the central part of city exists. Not all Kiev supported Maidan, but social apathy and fear played a big role.

In the video we can see so called "sotnik" or centurion in Latin of self-defense, Yevhen Karas, announced "Kievans for clean city" are brought from other regions of Ukraine and not Kievans. On the invitation to seat at the round table with activists self-defense responded in their habitual manner: started a fight. In this massacre suffered Kievans who just were walking around near the wrong place.

And next video shows a bit from the concert of "Tin Soncia" Kievan rock-band in Lwow. Extravagant young man appeared on the stage and was willing to take away the microphone says: "Attention! Thanks a lot to the "Tin Soncia" band for their not supporting of nationalists. Which wants…." .

That`s not very funny but go further.

February, 16

By day into the building of KSCA entered armed men in camouflage (about 150 people), who called themselves "warriors of Narnia", "Vikings" and the like, which were robbing the offices of the Administration. The emergency number 102 on it was reported to the police, but when three policemen arrived to the building, they were not allowed inside by the representatives of the so-called "commandanture". Police officers were quickly surrounded by a crowd wearing masks, helmets and sticks in their hands when the police began to retreat the crowd began to beat them

And again juvenile freak in the end of the video telling that: "We are defending our land, we are Ukrainians and everybody who stands on our land will be mauled. They tried to provoke us to beat them. But we didn`t beat them because we are peaceful citizens…"

Don`t you bored of all this? So we gradually coming to the main part

February, 18

last February for Ukraine

This day was the most bloody from all the story. Maybe because this day opposition was planned so called "Peaceful offensive" – two words which couldn`t be connected to each other. The march, which led by deputies Andrei Ilienko, Oleg Tyagnibok, Oleg Lyashko, Andrei Parubiy, lost a "peaceful" character when the column headed by the militants of Maidan, reaching 100 meters to the building of Verkhovna Rada, press against the trucks that police blocked the Shelkovichnaya street. Unable to go right to the Parliament, protesters began to throw rocks into police and set fire trucks with Molotov cocktails.

Meanwhile in Verkhovna Rada opposition were forcibly trying to pull over their amendment about returning to Constitution of 2004. Perty of Regions refused and leaved the Parliament. Communists` fraction tried to do same but oppositionists blocked the exit. In couple of hours their amendment was booked to voting.

Maidan combatants were trying to spread to as wide area as possible. They began fight with participants of Antimaidan in Mariinsky Park, severe clashes with police at the Institutska street were continuing. The House of Officers was captured at Hrushevskogo street and there was a medical point for suffered Miadan insurgents. After a midday "protesters" burst into Party of Regions` office and killed 3 people there. Then office was set on fire. And they didn`t let firemen to building to rescue women-employees from office.

After 5:30 p.m. Berkut and other police forces went on the offensive. Maidan-insurgents quickly began to lose positions despite using military weapons and numerous manpower. In the evening every location except Independence Square were cleaned up. 25 people died in clashes, about of 3 hundred were hospitalized. Big part of them were policemen. At 8 p.m. began the storm of Maidan. It`s translated by numerous Ukrainian channels live. Police uses stunning grenades, water jets. Loudspeaker repeating: "We warn peaceful citizens, women and children, please leave the Independence Square. Antiterrorist operation is about to begin".

Off course after such actions many Ukrainian and foreign politicians react on it in different declarations. Pro-authority block condemned the violence and justly blamed Maidan activists in the bloodshed and attempts to destabilize situation (oh, how many attempts they already did!) and again invoked everybody to stop the escalation of conflict and seat to round table. As usual it was total vain appeal.

Oleg Tyahnybok encouraged people from Western Ukraine to enroll into squads and go to Kiev. Auto columns forming in Lwow and Ternopil. Instead of this, Kharkovan mayor of the city, Gennadiy Kernes, claimed an official statement to other Ukrainian mayors and publicity: " As Kharkiv mayor and vice-president of the Association of Ukrainian Cities appeal to colleagues – Mayors – with an appeal to prevent violence and bloodshed in the country. Encourage mayors Western Ukraine will not give emotions, arming and sending people in the conflict zone".

Traffic police limited entry to Kiev for auto transport. On most of roads traffic went or in one lane or blocked completely. Minister of Internal Affairs, Vitaly Zakharchenko de-facto claimed about "implementing of anti-terroristic operation in Kiev" but it was not officially approved by president.

Rigid position claimed Crimean Parliament. Deputies call the situiation "Civil war" and demand president to take all his power to prevent further spreading of conflict.

While police intended to disperse Maidan finally, Arseniy Yatseniuk appeal to President Yanukovych from the Maidan`s stage and asked "not to give opportunity Ukraine to become a state drowned in blood. We are asking you to withdraw the police and claim the truce until morning. Then we are ready to negotiations for the sake of saving people".

In the result president fulfilled this appeal. But what was going to happen later was unexpected to the majority of Ukrainian publicity and divided our history to "before" and "after". 


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