Hotel chains in Ukraine


In this article we will speak about the hotel chains in Ukraine and the differences of development and structure of Ukrainian hotel-business from European and American. There are some evident differences in the system of Hospitality of our country from Eastern ones which is originally comes from "soviet" legacy of Ukrainian past. We will try to describe what is good and what is not in this situation.


Where can I dwell?

The most number of modern Ukrainian hotels were built at the times of Soviet Union. It was a rule of good manners to build a hotel in every small town not to mention big cities. They were built much more for inner residents than intourists. For example, if you`ve been a soviet sportsman, politic,  artiste etc. and make an official visit to another city, you could expect on the hotel room even free. Nowadays, the situation changing in a way of building new hotels which representing some of international brands and attracting investments into country. But we still haven`t got a sufficient amount of hotels to accept a plenty people from Europe. That`s why we had a crisis with reception of football fans at Euro 2012. We still have a lack of 4/5-star hotels, pricing was inadequate and I think that in a sense we lost our hospitable face.

Hotel chains in Ukraine
Visit card of Kiev and whole Ukraine

However, Ukraine is a quiet suburban country which is just on the developing way, this process goes rather slowly and we don`t have an intensive international traffic. Economical and political instability can`t make a decent ground for large flow of investments and the foreign businessmen respectively. Tourism is not so promoted as it can be (that`s a lot of interesting places to be in Ukraine). These are the reasons why do we have such small net of hotels and this can satisfy our needs. If you`re the businessman or holidaymaker or whatever – you can find an accommodation in any point of Ukraine. Even in the smallest towns and villages you can be sure you can find a hotel from that soviet past and the personal would be very glad to see you. Your visit can become a big proud to the guesthouse. And the price for day of living will be comical: something about ten bucks. Often such hotels have a dining room (restaurant) at the ground floor so it will not be difficult to find a meal place.

Hotel chains in Ukraine
Grand Hotel Ukraine – Dnepropetrovsk

In a big cities like Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Lvov, Odessa etc. you can find modern and very convenient hotels. Like at normal civilized world. And we gonna introduce some famous hotel-nets to you right now. Hotel chains in Ukraine prefer to locate their hotels in big cities.


If you tend to live in international brand hotel and being in capital of Ukraine, Kiev, so you have a vast choice. There was started a new project recently. International monster InterContinental (IHG), one of the largest hotel properties in the world, establishing a new luxury hotel in Kiev on the Gorky str. 44. The building will have 22 floors and will represent 2 brands simultaneously: first decade will take Hotel Indigo (240 rooms) and the rest 12 – Staybridge Suits (80 apartments) with outstanding view on historical part of ancient city. Contract on construction is signed with "Stroyinvest" ltd. building company and reach 40 million dollars with 10 years payback period estimately. But it would be only second InterContinental`s hotel  in Ukraine (both in Kiev). We`ve got a much more larger chains.

Hotel chains in Ukraine
Premier Palace in Kharkov Freedon Square

Premier-Hotels. The most popular on Ukrainian segment of Internet chain of hotels can offer you the excellent quality of apartments and adequate pricing. But it is not the advertising article and this information is just for reference. This brand builds different hotels in the centers of big cities. You can see their offers on the map below or take a closer look on the English version of their site. Also the brand disposing a chain of another type hotels – Accord Hotels which suggesting 3-star service and exposed as "middle-class properties". Actually we have a lot of different hotel chains and this one came as example.


The main thing is you can book the hotel whatever you like at the service of Ukrainian hotels are represented there in a big amount. You can have any detailed information and a lot of reviews about hotels there. Also there are a big number oа so called "hostels" here in Ukraine. It is very popular in the world type of rented-housing. It`s something between a temporary flat and a hotel. In Ukraine hostels are made of former flats mostly. It is not the special separated building and placed right in the block of flats. Hostels are much more popular at the Western Ukraine as it nearer to Europe and rapidly adopting all good European traditions. The map of available hostels to book you can find on the respective site.


But what if you can`t find no offers at the current city you need? This is not problem. As we stated, there are a lot of hotels all over Ukraine in the most unpredictable corners of the country so anyone can guide you where to stop. By the way, Ukrainians are very hospitable and cheerful nation indeed so it wouldn`t a problem to find a bed whenever severe fate would drop you in 🙂 Good luck in trip to Ukraine!


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