About Ukraine

Did you ever want to expand your knowledge about that enigmatic and so strange Eastern country which called Ukraine? Or you are completely sure you know plenty about this land and we can`t have any surprising facts here on the site? Or maybe you`re the one who frightened with information from media some like “Racism… Gas steal… Nationalists… Weak legislation… Alcoholism… Poor people” and other repulsive slogans that influence on your opinion about Ukraine. Our source was definitely created not to justify or whitewash the image of this country in no case. And we are not about to advertise something or forcibly inviting you to visit Ukraine. This site is created for people who have some interest about this country and maybe can help answer some very different practical questions which doesn`t highlighted by mass-media and other official statistics. We set just a few goals to our material: to use as many sources as possible (objectivity) and to be maximally honest in articles. And of course it`s always up to you believe it or not. Anyway, the common logic can help to find the answers and to determine how truthful is one or another point of view.


All articles on this site are written by different people from Ukrainian society and they represent different occupations and points of view and we post every potentially interesting to our readers material deliberately. So this site may be considered like direct speech. We want the site to be maximally objective, so we hadn`t reserve ways. Here are the main directions and themes which act as basis for whole country and our site subsequently.


OK, if you`re still here and not clicked the X ant top-right corner yet let`s look what we have here on the site. In idea we want to tell you about any aspect of life in Ukraine. And it`s a vast number of issues we will raise up here. From domestic way of life to ancient traditions, from economical and political questions to cultural and historical heritage. Sports, industry, geography, tourism and other categories including numerous articles with useful information can easily complete the picture about anything you wanted to know about Ukraine. You`ll learn why Ukrainian boxers are one of the best in the world, how Ukrainians can survive on their little salaries and which language is native for the most of Ukrainian population.