First victims

First 3 victims of Maidan

But all these two days of confrontation weren`t able to provoke police forces to kill protesters. And without victims was impossible to create image of "look on those bad bloody Berkuts, they are killing us, help!" and to produce new wave of social protest. So, to get more civil people for covering and justification of crimes and terror, somebody very "clever" thought up to kill couple of Maidan`s people. In center of Kiev (on square and not only there) 3 people were killed. Here are these three first victims: Sergey Nigoyan, Michael Zhizdnevski and Roman Senik. Also oppositioneer Yuri Verbitski was kidnapped from Alexandrivska hospital and then killed. His body was found in forest near Kiev. And bodies of two victims were found in National Academy of Science building after anonymous phone call. Media immediately spread an information about bloody victims of regime and proclaimed Nigoyan and others as "heroes of nation". You can find a thousand witnesses of this fact in Internet.


First victims

Blessed memory to dead on Hrushevsky str! Honor to Ukraine! Honor to heroes!

First 3 victims of Maidan

After this public was completely prepared to help Maidan with its struggle against Yanukovych. Also in that day was filmed and shared video with "cossack" Havriliuk. The man was undressed by force of militia officers and they "tortured" him: jostle a little bit and gave a couple of nape slaps. That was also a tyranny by social perception.

So January 23 was the start of new scramble with policemen started at night and continued till 3 p.m. when Klichko declared a truce for the time of negotiations with authority about amnesty of arrested combatants. Instead of it protesters should free Hrushevskogo street but public assembly reject this demand.

Meanwhile in other regions of Ukraine begins a series of Region Council of State (OGA) captures. In Lwow protestants occupied OGA and forced head chief of Lwow region to sign his resignation. Later he will notice that he made it under force and it`s illegal. In Lwow began to create public Rada (council) formed of protestants. In front of OGA building people fortified with tires, sacks with sand and stockade. This precedent replicated also in Khmelnytsky, Ternopil and Rovno. In Ivano-Frankivsk such attempt was failed. Capturing also failed in Poltava and Zhytomyr, but was subsequently successful in Cherkassy.

24 January regional council`s capturing was actively continuing. Almost all West Ukraine was paralyzed with protesters` efforts. in Cherkassy people stormed headquarters of regional department of MVS (Ministry of Internal Affairs) with ultimatum to free arrested violators who attempted to capture OGA. These attempts were blocked away.

25 January with complete connivance by authorities captures of another regions` OGAs were initiated. Vinnitsa, Chernigov and Poltava fall under the pressure of numerous protestants. These actions showed a complete split of Ukrainian society. In West-East were no attempts to capture the Councils. In Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporozhye they failed. From that period as a reminder one can find some photos like this:

First victims

Picture says:… well you see yourself what it says. But pay attention who is characterized like "folk" and who are "thugs". Protesters consider themselves as only democratic people in Ukraine. Others are titushkas, "vatniki" and "dogs of regime". Original reversal.

26 January there was interesting incident in Kiev. Veterans of Afghan war, who also be at Maidan found bullets for 7,62×39 caliber and few bullets for sniper rifle at the roof of Ukrainian House (it`s near to Maidan). They apply to police for investigation but it was no ability to provide decent investigation. Later Police Department of Kiev will declare that "…there was no armament found". It can signalize that somebody was ready to shoot people but it was not a good moment.

Video fragment of those confrontations:

Further developments were very fast. 28 January Prime Minister Azarov and Cabinet of Ukrainian Ministers deliberately resigned. 3 weeks before it Azarov convinced Putin to give 15 billion dollars credit on supporting Ukrainian economic. But for that moment Ukraine achieved from Russia only 2 billion and with Azarov`s resign Russian side considered Ukraine as unreliable partner and stopped help. Also that day most of "non-democratic" laws were repealed personally by Yanukovych under the pressure of Maidan and opposition.

And then desertion and capturing of different governmental buildings avalanched all over Ukraine. The state rapidly began to destruct. And only 31 January MVS opened criminal investigation for "attempts of capturing the state authority" after they disposed an information from "Batkivschina" party. Suddenly policemen opened their eyes that everything was planned beforehand.


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