Bang. First protests on Maidan 21-29 November. Comparatively peaceful phase

Maidan First mass protests

Here is the most important part of miscellany that will explain main mechanisms of Maidan if somebody don`t understand them or everything seems to difficult and controversial. Indeed there is no complexity, it`s just a picture at media, which gave us a very entangled  pieces of information, very often disinformation, so it`s unreal to collect holistic view. That`s why people in Ukraine and a fortiori in Europe and other world make decisions about our situation by flashy headlines like "Russian terrorists invaded Crimea" or "Peaceful protesters with Molotov cocktails and guns were killed by bloody batons of Berkut".


In describing of Maidan deployment I will be guided by famous in Ukraine journalist, Vladimir Kornilov and his article "Eurocreatures: anatomy of pro-European outrage".


In counterbalance you can use the Wiki article Timeline of Euromaidan. This article is full and complete but it reflects the common Ukrainian-European-American point of view: everything was fair, voluntary and on donations of ordinary people; protesters were peaceful, there was no nazi-symbols and chants, no violence. Maybe protesters just protect themselves from police violation. Almost all country supported Maidan… Of course this is a bullshit.


Maidan started 21th of November  when government of Azarov claimed that "… we are temporarily suspending consultations about Association Agreement with EU and will not sign the documents until we`ll be satisfied by terms of proposed documents. This doesn`t mean that we decline to sign it in perspective and refuse from cooperation with EU but we can`t agree with proposed terms". If  you want, you can find enough of information about Association Agreement and make a fast decision that it`s destructive for Ukrainian economics. Instead of it, Ukraine will not achieve even visa-free transfer to Europe as it was the biggest hope for simple Ukrainians. But not everybody really understood what does this Association consists of.


So in the evening of 21-th of November primarily invited to meeting on Independence Square (simply Maidan) by famous  Afghan-born Ukrainian journalist and anchorman, Mustafa Nayyem which was supported by different oppositional resources like "" and others, people begin to gather on Maidan with EU symbolics. Here is nice video illustrating the very beginning of protests when it was a couple decades of people and then this number increased to hundreds and thousands gathered to show their disconstent.

Y. Lutsenko   (man in glasses, oppositional politic from "Batkivschyna", from 3:33 on video) :

You with Mustafa said "No" 21-th of November. Until we are 100. 000 crowd no force contact with policemen, don`t succumb the provocations (then this word became favorite in rebellion ambience). Think how you can get to it more people: somebody by Inet, smb by phone, smb by mail: "I`ll go 24-th to Maidan, and you?" You are commanders here, not me. Today we have thousand now, tomorrow must be five. Don`t look that here is few people now, in 2004 here was the same number. Everything will be, if you`ll be stubborn and angry. Angry with that assholes. They steal not just a hat (President Yanukovych was in prison as a sneak-thief long time ago), not a presidency, they  steal our future. Our weekend we need to spend on Maidan despite the weather. It`s a mere day but a big chances. Wake up your friends! What do we have to do on Maidan? Maidan has 2 aims. First: even while Yulya (Tymoshenko) in prison, despite bad legislation we must be accepted to Europe (Applause here). If we have 100 thousand of people we can apply to Europe to take us in Union, as we ill and we have to overcome our plague…

V. Klichko (from 6:28):

We just came after session in Supreme Council of Ukraine (Verkhovna Rada). Everybody confused because of one person usurp the rights of all people. We came here to show that we want to live in modern European country and we compel our authorities to abide the law… This action wasn`t prepared in advance, nobody gathered people but by their own opinion. Couple of thousands and more.

Reporter: How long will you be here and what`s your next step?


We have a strict plan. Part of people can remain here. But we plan to come here on 24-th to show Yanukovich, to gather maximally…

The most interesting are comments below the video. Many people in that time sniff out the trick of such a good idea to overthrow corrupted government. You can translate them in Youtube.


So, as we see, it seems everything beginning fairly and honestly: people gathered be own initiative, nobody was forced, many people were without any  posters or flags and don`t prepared beforehand to make a protest. Fine. But what will we see on 24-th of November?


People gathered on Maidan in different proportions 22-nd, 23-rd of November. Everything was peaceful and nobody from police didn`t try to prosecute actions. 24-th of November was gathered a first big protest with up to 30-50K participants in Kiev. 

At the same time Euromaidans were gathered in other different cities of Ukraine. The most populous was in Lwow (up to 10K by spectators recall). Most of them were students. Also Euromaidan was trying to announced  like all-Ukrainian action but it was supported only in the West of Ukraine, other cities gathered up to 400 people. So we can make a conclusion which regions supported and inspired Maidan. Many people from West came to Kiev on 24-th of November to take part of protest. As anyone can see from video, it was good planned action with different oppositional parties` symbolics, national chants and they marching in strict sequence (party after party). It tells us about good structurization and presence of ringleaders in groups.


After this action Maidan separated on two camps and campgrounds. One of them (non-political, social) was directly on Maidan, other was on European Square (just a bit further on Khreschatyk street). Till 29-th of November there constantly were up to 500 people a day. Nobody will remember now but provocations started earlier than those famous action of first of December. November 25, protesters smashed car on the European Square, which they suspected was an "eavesdropping" of SBU. In an incident attended by opposition leaders and Tyahnibok,  Yatsenyuk. At the request of the Security Service, published the next day, "in the car were SBU cooperators, which, in accordance with the competence, need to identify possible technical means of radio control of explosive devices in crowded places. " A couple of people were arrested and took under the guard.


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