First collisions

beginning of euromaidan

Next  crucial moment in Maidan`s story happened in night between 29-30 of November. Prehistory was that November 26 was a day of beginning of mass protests of Kievan and Western-Ukrainian universities. Students decided to go to capital`s square to show their protest.

beginning of euromaidan


And further we can see a lot of interesting moments. At first video you can see the crowd of people who don`t want to go away from square despite of legal request of police to clean the area for construction of New Year Tree. This action politics of Kiev claimed a few days before, choose the date and even wanted to build the artificial fir-tree at night to not disturb people on Maidan. But protesters didn`t allow them to complete their liabilities peacefully. That`s why Berkut used force. In a result police were initiated two criminal cases. By the clauses of disorderly conduct and resisting to law enforcements. 79 people in the course of military action were injured, including seven policemen. According to official figures, 21 people were taken to hospital, 10 were hospitalized. Among the victims were Polish citizens.

In this video you can see what were students doing in that cold night before forced dispersal. They were singing Ukrainian military-songs (which I didn`t hear even once in a life). "Tape by tape supply the bullets. Ukrainian rebel, don`t back away in a battle." – Sang those kids. They were preparing to assault or any other collisions. Or did it unconsciously.

After an hour (2 p.m.) Berkut began the storm. But if you can see from different videos, police was preliminary provoked by some people with Ukrainian flags and other symbolics. They weren`t look like students. And the main question is: where from were so big number of newsmakers? Next day this news blew Ukrainian society: "Berkut beat little innocent kids. This is a tyranny of bloody dictatorship!" But what students were doing on the square that late and in turnabout with provocateurs? Were building a new country probably. First collision was highlighted as it has to be in the best traditions of Hollywood: just a nice picture.

If we will look to this situation more particularly, we can easily see the reason off policemen` aggression. Nationalists didn`t hide their intentions to gather on Maidan and prevent utility workers to begin the construction of New Year Tree. But it was not the main target – they were preparing for assault on government buildings in the beginning of December. They only had to find the handy occasion. And they organized this "police violation" frame. And there were a lot of proves to it. Look at the video: it was filmed and uploaded on November, 30-th,  just a few hours before the clash:

If somebody not familiar to nazi-chants: "Slava Ukraini = Glory to Ukraine. Geroyam slava = Glory to heroes". And then crowd rapturously exults: "Molodtsi! = Well done/Good fellows!"

Next day, under the guise of media, official nationalists` site Banderivets wrote:

"Nationalists of "Right sector" entered into an unequal battle with the cops and special forces, gave fierce resistance and to the bitter end held the line against well-equipped and well- trained jackals."


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