December chronicles of Maidan

December chronicles of Maidan

December chronicles of Maidan was not very interesting and wealthy on outstanding news, but still there were a lot of moments that worth to be comprehended.


First of all that we must notice it`s fast developing and even erection of Maidan in a sense of ground for real revolutionary atmosphere and independent automatic life right here on the square and in the local buildings. There were scene, field kitchen, food delivery, voluminous tents rapidly constructed. Also protesters erected fortifications by auto tires which were delivered by unknown trucks including ones with Polish license plates. They also delivered some foodstuffs.

                "Trafic in the center of Kiev was completely blocked (locked Khreschatyk Street,           Institutskaja and St.Michael streets). As one of the coordinators of the protest MP "Fatherland"  Andrei Parubiy informed, another point of heating was arranged at the      International Center of Culture and Arts (October Palace)"

Kievan City Administration (KSCA) was controlled by protesters and there was the headquarters of self-defence of Maidan. Employees of administration appeal to people for leaving the building but this appeal was rejected. Also this appeal was maintained by Azarov government as the condition to begin conversation with opposition, but it was ignored too. Protesters didn't plunder the building and just rested and ate there.

                "By December 4 KSCA officials resigned to the proximity of protesters – activists left the first   floor and on the upper floors housed employees of the city administration. Capital city administration restored work in normal mode"

In the early December so called "AutoMaidan" was created. First "mission" they were trying to perform was to blockade President Residence Mezhihirya (luxuriant mansion of President near Kiev) but the convoy of 300 vehicles with Ukrainian symbolic was stopped by  4 buses with Berkut.

Maidan (as a public process) begins to pressure on different level authorities to free their activists, who were participated in December, 1-st actions. These first attempts gave no results. Instead of it police inquiring an investigation and:

"…nine young people suspected of involvement in the riots on December 1 near the Presidential Administration of Ukraine were detained. Kyiv Shevchenko District Court sentenced all detainees to two months of arrest" 

So, by now authorities making visibility of some activity and abiding the law.

Same time at the main checkpoints of entrance to the Maidan the self-defence of Maidan organized security access: people with wooden shields who check everybody who came to square and who were ready to "fend off attacks of Berkut". The stage of Maidan became an arena for outspoken nationalistic and even nazi- propaganda. A lot of different politics, activists, journalists or even common people could say out everything they want. There was no censure so it was real anarchy: Diana Kamliuk, famous Ukrainian nazi-poetess, head of social group mockingly named "Solidarity", who was jailed for murder of Nigerian student in Kiev, read her proceedings on public from the stage. And you can guess what was it like. I don`t want to cite this person, but there was such text like: "Jewish soap… There is guilt, there is guilty, so where is the punishment":

Side by side with this public assemblies (veche) took place on Maidan. On these meetings people decided what they would do next and there was a very strong ideological pumping of people.

December chronicles of Maidan

December chronicles of Maidan

Lenin fall

Another big scene with participation of Maidan activists happened in the evening of 8-th of December, when the monument to the leader of World`s proletariat, Vladimir Lenin, was fallen down from its plinth on Bessarabian Square. It was really resonantly and loud moment in Euromaidan story which had started new epoch in Ukrainian life: somebody thinks it`s an epoch of freedom from totalitarian past and beginning of new democratic era in Ukraine; others understand this like an awful disrespect  to our common history. As it was usual, nobody had been arrested for vandalism.

Euromaidan without any pressure from authorities wanted to spread to much more wide area and combatants of right sector and other not very peaceful protestants was trying to fortify their positions on adjacent streets. But police officers didn`t let them do this.

High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Catherine Ashton came to Kiev to meet Pr. Yanukovych and conveyed him position of EU that every problem in this political crisis must be solved solely in peaceful way. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Victoria Nuland also arrived to Kiev. Negotiations of authorities and opposition took place in format of round table. Next day in the morning Nuland gave bread and cookies to people on Maidan. It was -9 by Celsius outdoors and it was not so big crowd there.


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