January. Barbarian laws

January antiprotest laws

Maidan slowly but confidently was changing. It mostly reminded a never-ending concert with different musical groups participated, or just musical pauses which punctuated numerous political speeches and social assemblies (veche). Goals of Euromaidan become slightly different: not immediate Association with EU but resignation of government of Azarov first of all. Also people of Maidan have been changed actually. If in the first days there was a lot of intellectuals, kievans, some progressive youth which were really against the corruption and lawlessness, wanted a new life and new valuables for their native country, but gradually they were substituted by homeless people who consider Maidan as the last chance to survive: here one could find a warm place and food. Not a big secret was that most of them earn money for time spent on Maidan.


16th of January another big hit happened. Government decided to pass the laws of a social assemblies, mostly known as anti-protest laws. You can read the article from Wiki and simply sure that these laws aren`t "draconian" or something. Most of so called "democratic" countries including US have much more rigorous laws about social assemblies and Internet censorship etc.


But not everybody accepted the laws. Euromaidan in the first place. Because they lost legal right to wear masks, assault  on policemen and block residential and governmental buildings. This is not democratic!

January, 19 was assembled regular veche which gathered about 100 thousand people. They decalred laws as "undemocratic" and considered them as "…attempt to transform Ukraine onto a police state". They also demanded cancel scandalous laws,  immediate resignation of acting government and creating "social government".

At 3 AM half of thousand people clashed with policemen at the gates of Valeri Lobanovski Stadium of "Dynamo" football club at crossroad of Hrushevskogo str. and Petrivska alley. Police officers refused to pass protesters to governmental buildings and the scenario of assault was similar to December 1st actions. Protesters betook their famous weapon: Molotov cocktails, fireworks and petards. Buses and trucks which served as fence from protesters were set on fire and policemen were showered by rocks and fragments of pavement. But it`s not the thing to be described by words, you need to see some video evidences to understand what was happening there.

Off course this action was thoroughly inspired by opposition, all Maidan forces (such as Right sector, self-defense etc.) and well enough financed from outside. By opinions of numerous political scientists, military experts this assault couldn`t be implemented without foreign consultations, centralized management and informational support and help. This was not a chaotic social mutiny, it was very well planned action which was prepared a few days before. In the first line of assault were combatants of Right sector and different asocial elements who acted as sparkling-plug to start the clash and then different Maidan protesters were involved into this crime. As a result about 100 protesters got first aid and 40 of them were hospitalized. Wherein 61 policemen were in hospital with different severe injuries like closed head injuries, fractures, bruises and poisoning by unknown substances.

But not everybody understood what was happened. Even by now. And meanwhile it was an important bell to government and to everybody who wants to estimate real danger of situation. Oppositional Ukrainian resource (we have almost all media sympathized to Maidan, is it a coincidence?) Khvylia wrote after incident of 19-th January: "Opposition (Maidan) flawlessly lost the situation because last one and a half month was doing nothing. Hrushevskoho skirmishes is one in one a vellum from 1 December and provides a picture which legalizes the subsequent violence by the authorities. Capture of Berkut-officer is harmful and, most importantly, stupid move, because again gives legal grounds for assault without solving any strategic or tactical problem of Maidan. However, a) as they say on TV, it has already taken to the hospital; b) Maidan has no strategic and tactical aims, because there is no such entity."

Now Khvylia is totally spoiled and posting continuous disinformation and explicit rave about what`s happening at Donbass. But in that separately taken article author was completely right: Euromaidan is artificial process which propagates absolutely deceitful valuables and demand unacceptable and illegal conditions. Maidan is already static, exhausted, non-creative and in fact dead as idea up to 19 January and even much more earlier and journalists admitted that. Very conservatively estimated it costs near $100 000 a day to maintain it and it can`t be eternal. It would be clearest true except one detail. Maidan was destined to win this game. Whatever they do, even if they don`t have any ideas, even if they don`t know what to do and there is no coordination. Every protester could go away home, empty the Independence square, but Maidan will be alive and will overturn the government. Because it lives primarily not in Kiev, not in the hot hearts of protesters, but in the very precise place – in Washington. Why I concluded such way? Emm… Are you serious? It`s quite obvious you know. Maidan stands 1,5 month and systematically violates laws. About assembly, about public order. Nobody controlling Independence square and people can do whatever they want there. Wherein no source of funding found by Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), nary coordinator of assaults has not be arrested. No investigation about these episodes conducted. Do you believe it`s coincidence? Read more.


19 January wasn`t the finish of the battle as you can guess. After this incident Ministry of Internal Affairs proclaimed:

"As we can know, opposition politicians distributed 2-meters long wooden bayonets with metal tips among protesters. These pieces of wood are nothing but cold dangerous arms, which they intended to use to injury policemen. Lawmakers, hiding behind their immunity actually push people to commit crimes. The police once again urges citizens to stop the confrontation, not to commit crimes and to keep public order".


Oh, yes. 20-th January new confrontation began.  Police acted more aggressive and radically: rubber bullets and blackjacks were widely in use. Also opposition and in particular commandant of Maidan Andriy Parubiy told that police attaches rocks to stunning grenades so they become militant. Vitaly Klichko declared that "nobody from police will not be persecuted if they drop weapon and stands to side of "nation".  But Berkut also begins to injure lying journalists from different channels, which were representing situation as it was police fault of these clashes began. Over 30 journalists suffered.


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