Apogee of Maidan

Apogee of Maidan

19 February

The main bloody event began at early morning of 19-th of February. While police forces tried to clean up the Independence Square, the fire in the building of Trade Union (it`s located right on the square) begun.


The information is very controversial and it is very few of it but different respectable origin tells that it was purposeful deliberate arson of the building as it were many uncomfortable and discreditable things and stuff in there and protestants from "Right sector" didn`t want police to allow get in there and reveal some interesting facts. As was stated by chief of special force of SBU "Alfa", Vladimir Chovhaniuk, his employees entered into the building and warned protestants to leave the place or it will be done by force. Protestants satisfied the demand but surreptitiously set on fire the stairs and some offices. Policemen tried to choke a fire before firemen arrived but it was impracticable because of thick acrid black smoke which were unable to prevent even special military gas-masks. Chovhaniuk commanded his squad to retreat.

Apogee of Maidan
Attentive protestant pouring compote to his thirsty comrades

As for common information, for that night in the building were a lot of people. More than 2 hundred of wounded after street clashes which were immobile. There were a lot of medics-volunteers, workers of building, protestants. Somebody who was direct participant of Maidan and that day actions consider there were about 1 thousand people (!). Off course the majority of them went out and rescued but nobody can estimate how many people remained there. But firemen were able to save only 41 people from the roof. In few days volunteers will note black VW vans without license plates which were export burnt corpses from the building. It will be day or two after Maidan wins, Yanukovich ran down to Russia and full state-overturn completed. Why there was no investigation of this incident?

Also there was a theory about police blocked people inside the building and made the arson. But it`s absolutely nonsense because of big number of people rescued after "Alfa" squad got inside. Version of extermination of oppositional headquarters and communication units by police sounds more plausible but it also obvious lie to people who are "in the subject". There were no headquarters of any oppositional organization. There were medical and heating points, dining rooms and some offices where Molotov cocktails and other stuff were produced. Maybe there was located something else, more interesting, but we`ll never find out.

Not so long time ago, 8-th of June in youtube available a new video with combatant of National Guard of Ukraine who was captured in Lugansk and he tells about he was personally killing people in Trade Union Building and then they were exported to forest near Brovary of Kiev region. He killed 10 people. The truthful of this video is not approved but…

Here is his account in VK. Account is not deleted as it often happens with former Maidan-activists. This guy didn`t expect he will be captivity and now he can`t delete because no access to Internet. He also can`t tell his password to relatives or friends. So the person isn`t fake but how about everything he said? If this is true… Junta must be executed en banc.

So it is obvious that arson was made by protestants. And I think there were a lot of people kidnapped and tortured in that building. Some of captured Berkut-employees or Internal troops soldiers were brought here, also a big number of different people like businessmen, antimaidan activists and other dissidents also were here. And maybe they saw and knew something what couldn`t be outspoken.


Another mystical episode happened in Museum of Arts in Kiev. Unknown people robbed the museum fund. As it was stated, alarm was in 0:00 a.m. but no police arrived and security gave no comments. Official guards of Museum refused to testify.


In respond of this, chain reaction of military and police office captures rolled over Western Ukraine. Mostly it was capturing of buildings full of weaponry. Among them in Lviv:

"regional management of the SBU, prosecutors, tax administrations, GAI, regional and city departments of Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Internal Affairs district offices – Galitsky Frankivsk, Shevchenko and Lychakivskiy, accompanied by the destruction of office equipment and document. Captured more than  1170 firearms (nearly a thousand Makarov pistols, more than 170 Kalashnikov rifles, sniper rifles and Kalashnikov machine guns over 18,000K of ammunition of different calibers). In March 2014 it was reported that from warehouses of the Interior Troops in Lwow region abducted more than five thousand Kalashnikovs, 2741 Makarov pistol, 123 light machine guns, 12 rocket flamethrowers "Bumblebee", fifteen hundred F-1 grenades and a significant amount of ammunition"

In Ivano-Frankivsk building of SBU was captured and thugs got access to 3 machineguns, 268 pistols of Makarov system and 90 grenades.

So it was different attempts to reiterate such operations in almost every region of Western Ukraine. Coordination of people and level of lawlessness and responsibility of local police forces are stunning.


February, 20. Apogee of Maidan

The most bloody page in Euromaidan history and climax of the confrontation was happened in this day.

9:00 p.m. Coordinator of Maidan instructs to protesters offensive on the police. They quickly drove away police forces out of House of Trade Union and further by Hrushevskogo street. Berkut squads began to panic as they said protesters used weapons against them. To the 9:30 there were 23 police officers wounded or died in clash. At the Instytutska street near 3 thousand of protesters divide to squads and began an offensive either. They came to "draw territory" and began to repair fortifications and then offensive police again. In the same time first shots of sniper rifles sounded. 7 protesters died and the offensive stopped but police continued the retreat. Because snipers shot them either. After that up to an hour continued the execution of armless Maidan activists and medics, and everybody who was in the area right back the hotel "Ukraina". Later these victims will announce as "Nebesna sotnia" (Sky hundred) and since became popular the phrase: "Heroes not die".

It`s a lot of information I must describe and I will miss something for sure as it`s impossible to describe and mark everything. So it`s a lot of video materials of that actions and my comments below them:

Full video of Maidan shooting

Maidan Which not in news. Investigation by some anonymous military expert

Some journalists investigation by English correspondents:

Russian TV reporting from 23 February. The most objective material that days as for me. But conclusions of newsmaker in the ending are not precisely correct:

Some frames from February, 19-21

You probably saw this footage a lot of time, maybe in the first time. But it`s enough to made some important conclusions of this apogee of Maidan.

And who is guilty in this? Who will take sniper-shooting on aggressive crowd to disperse it? Idiot! Who will stand still under the hail of bullets and calmly film a heap of corpses not fearing for his live? Idiot! Who will go in attack on police forces which are fully armed and have an order to shoot you down. Who are ready to die fast for nothing? Complete idiot!

Apogee of Maidan
Nebesna Sotnia

We are just watched the scary bloody footage in first video. By official version of new junta authorities this footage is full of idiots! Protesters ran, police shooting from sniper-rifles and newsmakers filming this. Nobody even tried to cross the road to find a savory place (where journalists located). Are you the same idiot to believe it?


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