2 May tragedy in Odessa. Fire in the House of Trade Unions

Odessa tragedy, 2 of May

The English-version of article describing events of 2 May in Odessa on Wiki is sufficiently one-sided and not objective. It corresponds to official Ukrainian version of investigation and conclusions of Ukrainian politics and journalists which are deficient or totally nonsense.


First of all, skirmishes and clashes in Odessa must be considered not as bloody opposition of two comparatively equal sides of conflict, and just as direct reprisal of pro-Russian peaceful activists with purpose to threat the city and prevent increasing of pro-Russian attitudes at the background of unreasoned and cruel politics from new "democratic" Euromaidan authorities in Kiev. And I`ll prove it. I don`t pretend to be a messiah with bringing all the truth of this nightmarish events (it was too much happened that day and the aftermath resounds till these days) but it definitely will be a way for understanding the process of modern Ukrainian crisis.


Everything began right after Crimean crisis and during it. Russophone south-eastern part of Ukraine which is mostly supporting connections with Russia and speaks against association with European Union responded with numerous protests and pro-Russian actions beside City Councils in different major cities. This reaction led to beginning of widespread pro-Russian unrest in this regions with seizure of City Councils and attempts to create on the territories of former Ukrainian oblasts of so called "People-s Republics". In respond of it new Ukrainian authorities proclaimed Counter-offensive  operation (ATO), started from 7-th of April. But this is the background for the main event of 2 May.


Football fans and peace march


To justify violence and produce plausible cover to prospective murders, customers of this bloody mess (we will try to find out who can be involved and interested in such actions) prepared a whole scenario to distract international society from the verity of the situation. Initially the peaceful march for "Unity of Ukraine" was planned from Cathedral Square and by centre streets. The march was scheduled on 15:00. A week earlier similar march took place in Kharkov and was timed to one of the last games of "Metalist" in Ukrainian Premier-league.  At that time everything ended with skirmish of fans with random Kharkov citizens which seemed to them suspicious or wear St. George ribbon. This time ultras of FC "Chernomorets" and "Metalist" (Metalist representatives later denied that his fans to participate in the ensuing riots after) and Euromaidan supporters, who had strong positions in Odessa, were going to participate. But as it became known there also attended armed with bats and chains, majority with faces covered with masks, equipped with helmets and shields Self-defense of Maidan representatives.  According to some journalists, citing anonymous sources in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, in the events of May 2 in Odessa on the side of pro-Ukrainian forces participated dressed in civilian fighters of special battalions "East" and "Storm", formed by new government of Ukraine, as well as soldiers of the 14th hundred of self-defense from Kiev Maidan that according to these commentators, explains passive behavior of the Odessa Police. In the event was also attended by right-wing militants organizations from other cities in Ukraine: Nikolaev, Dnepropetrovsk, Vinnitsa, Zhitomir, Kherson, Donetsk. Altogether, according to data reported by the news agency Odessit.ua, to Odessa on the eve of the event came 15 buses with pro-Ukrainian militants. Total number of imported cases in Odessa militants news agency journalists Timer overall from 300 to 700 people. And don`t forget about the football fans, who are strongly supporting Euromaidan. So, "peaceful" march rapidly become nazi-procession. In addition to the slogan "For a United Ukraine" and "Glory to Ukraine" was attended by the slogans "Death to the enemies", "Moskals on knives".  Of course representatives of the "right sector" and Self-defense of Maidan weren`t barehanded. They were armed with axes and wooden and metal sticks, some of them got firearms.


Provocations and escalation

Brilliant investigation of further events were produced not by Odessa Police department or SBU asf, and by journalists of 1-st Channel of Russia. Don`t surprise why Russians produce investigations and Ukrainian side only trying to blame some mythical terrorists and agents of Putin. That is such conjuncture in Ukraine so it would be vain to find truth from Ukrainian media.


So, I should show the map of the beginning the procession and what how did events develop further.

Direction of the peaceful march for Unity of Ukraine by ultras

First of all, the main clue was to make visibility of provocations from the anti-maidan activists to blame them in primary aggression. For these actions were disguised one-three hundreds of pro-Maidan militants, who attached St. George ribbons to clothes. For evident distinction from real pro-Russian activists they also reel red Scotch tape around wrists. But this purpose would be unfolded lately. This group is moving towards football ultras by Alexandrovsky avenue. The cordon of police must stop the "separatists" with ribbons and red tape but there was a miracle – some squads of Police had the very same red tape on their hands either.


The assaulters number was much less than ultras. But their role was just of warming up football fans for aggression of real pro-Russian activists which were located at Kulikovo Field square in 3 km to South. These participants have firearms and were instructed by Police employees what is evident from numerous video testimonies. Also in video you can see the main Odessa police chief, Dmitry Fuchedji  among provocateurs. Very strange fact was that former Maidan Commandant and now Chief of National Security Committee, Andriy Prubiy, who is suspected to take direct participation in Maidan sniper gunfire and several bloody clashes, was at Odessa that time and possibly superintended this incomprehensible actions.

One of the police squads let fake protesters to get through and begun provocations. Rocks fled in both sides and here first blood happened. One of ultras was shot into the chest and he died a while after. A crowd was hunger for revenge but police didn`t let them to provocateurs. Fake "Colorado" (pro-Russian activists wearing St. George ribbons and speaking for ideas of federalization of Ukraine) rapidly withdraw back into the direction of Kulikovo Field, leading ultras behind them. All the way ultras had been shooting and provoking. Fake pro-Russians hided in some buildings (supermarket "Afina" where they were blocked by Maidan activists but fired back) or firing and throwing rocks out of policemen backs. They just control the action not letting Maidan-people to get to fake "separatists" but don`t really involve into action to disperse and stop it. It`s a lot of materials in Internet about that artificial scene of opposition between ultras and fake anti-maidan militants when policemen blocked streets not allowing crowd to turn anywhere but to get to Kulikovo Field, numerous testimonies of coordinators from Kiev Maidan (former prisoners) who directed this bloody actions. Also in crowd scrupulous bloggers saw potential American citizens who realized coordination of all participants of the action. They wore bright yellow helmets and had action cameras on them. This is not approved information but it`s a lot of details pointing on very well planned illegal and terrifying action. Here`s the good article with a lot of photos about details of Odessa provocations. You can see that most of militants has different insignia and marks and victims are armless and without any labels. They were mere Odessits who had been caught by the heat of a moment. I`m not able to translate all the articles and explain all the details of bloody scenario: it`s too much of the. And they reiterates the one main idea – it was the spectacle for society to show how bad "separatists" are and how Odessits struggle against them and won the battle. I think everybody who took part in that action, coordinated, executed people etc. must go to hell.


Not a long time ago some pro-Maidan journalists and bloggers would try to justify police saying that red tape was using for more proper fixing of protective hand-pads. But this version is nonsense as there was no such situation when policemen act this way to fix pads. As it doesn`t explain their very strange behavior that day. So provocateurs led ultras and Maidan militants to Kulikovo Field for planned massacre.


Real route of so called peaceful march 2 May in Odessa

Kulikovo Fiend

Very strange and horrible things intend to happen right here. Ultras and Maidan combatants began to round up peaceful activists of Odessa` antimaidan who didn`t understand what`s happening and where to go to be saved. And bring them to Trade Unions House was a part of a bloody scenario not to let anyone escape. There just began a real reprisal of dissidents from sadistic pro-governmental militants which know how to kill people in details and was sure they don`t take risk to be convicted.

Here some unexplainable details which speaks well for version of planned bloody action on Kulikovo Field:

·         Some of Maidan activists just before capturing the Trade Unions House were in gas masks. What for the gas mask to people who just went on peaceful march? gas masks on people in Trade Unions House

·         Almost everybody had a rucksacks with them where they had felt pens in. Felt pens exhale a very toxic smoke. Plus they definitely used chloroform in capsules to make people in building lose their consciousness and then kill them. Also chloroform in burning produce very strong poisonous gas – phosgene.

felt-pen burnt in House of Trade Unions

·         On the roof of the building very fast appeared some people with Molotov cocktails. These were very same fake separatists in masks to justify the arson.

What was in the House of Trade Unions well explained in this article.


The horrible result of that massacre are 48 died people and up to 186 missing. And now the question for million dollars: is that f**ing Eurointegration worth death of all that people?


Ukrainian officials trying to cover the tracks of their implication for this bloody scenes. They are trying to find some Russian nationalists, Transnistrian combatants, saying that pro-Russian Odessits had burnt themselves up. But the verity is very evident: this was planned action under the protection of big political players because of produce such awful anti-popular operation by destruction of our native people nobody will agree without solid guarantees. The government made this is making the crime against all humanity and must be executed. Such charges were against Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Husain and Slobodan Milosevic. And in their cases charges weren`t so evident as in case of Odessa tragedy.


Once again without any comments. Just moments from that clashes:


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